Discover Dogs

Well, that’s another Discover Dogs over for another year. The footfall for the event was between 60% and 70% of ‘normal’ years but we were as busy as ever, particularly on the Saturday!! It was lovely to be visited by Janet Benton the BMTC secretary of yesteryear and our longstanding archivist ‘H’ Hockley.
We had an equal number of comments of ‘I’ve never heard of them’ and ‘we’ve come to find out about these dogs’, with a lot of serious interest in the breed!! And there were so many compliments about how good the dogs were, made us all very proud of our Manchesters. Seeing the joy in one elderly lady’s face when she had the opportunity to meet Penny made doing these breed stands so worthwhile!!
The stars, as always, were the super dogs who all did the breed proud, showing off many tricks and allowing their admirers to fuss and stroke them, and their slaves were brilliant talking the talk all day long, i can’t thank you all enough!!!
Our Saturday team was Paul with Ruby, Natalie and family with Ivy, Vanessa with Lizzie and Sid also Linda with Sheldon and Penny. Sunday saw Kaz and Mark with Roxy, Sarah with Dexter, Linda again and, of course, my Gypsy, Kita and Tilda did multiple stints throughout the weekend.
Gypsy may be nearly 14 but she still enjoyed flirting with the boys!!!!!!!
I forgot to take many photos so have borrowed from the rest of the team!



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