Discover Dogs Excel – 12-13 October 2019

Judy Thurlow writes:

Well that’s Discover Dogs at Excel, London over for another year.

We had a laugh each day, the dogs were such characters! More than that they were just fantastic with their adoring public! Daisy and Ruby were showing off their tricks, Gypsy was like a puppy enticing the boys to play, Merlin has matured nicely but still got a bit over-excited at times! Bless him! And none were phased by the very busy, echoey hall.

Year on year more people know them and are interested in adding a Manchester to their family, intending to join in with our fab Mooches around the country and learning more about them on social media. We also had visits from Manchester owners past and present including affixes: Eaglespur, Sophyla, Megallan, Harkeats, Manchenoir, and a couple of others were mentioned. Also a lady who’s family bred ETTs and Manchesters in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s!

Mixed emotions for me as I have had three dogs with me for the past six years, but having lost Ollie a few short weeks ago and Kita being in season, Gypsy had to step up and do extra duties.

Our team of dogs were stars representing our lovely breed like pro’s and their slaves did a sterling job talking about them all day. Thank you those who brought cake and biscuits.

Thanks go to John Saxby and Naomi Macdonald with Merlin, Debbie Wagstaff and Andrew with Obi, Jane Aspden with Tony, Carole Brown and Amy Brown with Daisy, Sarah Turner with Dexter, Linda Walker with Sheldon and Penny, Paul Cee with Ruby and lastly my Gypsy.

On Sunday we also supported Ann Harrison with Ash competing in the semi-final of the semi-finals of the GCDS Pre-Beginners Obedience Stakes

Photos provided by Judy Thurlow, Linda Walker and Sarah Turner

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