Crufts – Flyball

Garry Minnikin writes:

I have now had time to reflect on this year’s Crufts, I’ve met some lovely people including people from Portugal and Australia who I hope that I can keep in contact with.

I’ve had lots of laughs and enjoyed every minute including having a lot of banter with the Crufts commentator and yes some of it was “Min Pin” based.

I’ve had some amazing support and made some new friends with the Manchester Terrier folk who I love and feel quite humbled of the support that they have shown, I’ve never had so many hugs and cuddles and even been asked to have pictures taken with them, thanks to Estella Phil for letting me own Onyx (Rattustrap Tantalum), love this girl. Thanks also to Ann Mason for our ‘Angel’ mascot.

One of the best moment for me though is the teamwork and support from Focus, they have all showed faith and support in my little dog Onyx, they have made a dream come true for me which was to run one clean leg on the green carpet, they didn’t let me do it just once they let me do it several times, my little girl didn’t let me down and only faulted once.
The absolute best moment though was being part of the team that finished first in the quarters, 3rd in the semi-finals which included breaking the Crufts record three times in one day.

Then come final day they along with Aces put on the best flyball race ever seen at Crufts with both teams having a tie with a time that equalled the Crufts record that we broke the day before, the next leg the race was won by Aces by 3/100th’s of a second, Mouse, Rebel, Bella, Panik and Inka are all amazing dogs and so proud to be able to line up with them.

Well done Aces on your deserved win but the biggest thanks goes to Focus, you’ve brought me to tears on several occasions this weekend.

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