Crufts – Discover Dogs

Gill Knight writes:
A huge thank you to all the volunteers on the discover stand at Crufts this week. The teams each day were:

  • Thurs – Linda with Sheldon and Penny, Darren and Christy with Murphy;
  • Friday – Ann and Chris with Ash, Teal and Sophie and Gary with Onyx our famous flyball team, in the afternoon it was David Chapman and Troy, Linda again with Sheldon and Penny and Sue and John with Lexi and Kate;
  • Saturday – David Fowler with Stella and Cooper, Sonia with Billy & Pixie and Nigel with Betty and Mabel, the Hall family (Barry, Gayle, Tabitha and Freddie) with Jazz and Duke; and
  • Sunday – Lesley and Elsie with Mr D and Grace and Jane with Tony, and finally me and Clive with our girls.

A lot of people and dogs who gladly give up their time to show the public what Manchester’s are like. The stand was continuously busy on all days with people spilling out into the isle. It was great to see such versatile and friendly dogs there showing off their skills and tricks for the audiences. Well done guys. All positive feedback.

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