Coombe Bissett Mooch Saturday 14th August.

Linda Shaw reports:

Coombe Bissett Mooch Saturday 14th August.
A different kind of write up to the norm as this was a closed event for those that had pitches for the summerlands site. So whilst private official mooch on the Saturday most were staying 4 nights or more and so I think more appropriate to write about the days there rather than specific mooch.
Well I rocked up with my boy Dante on the Thursday to a baking hot sun, hand sanitiser at the ready (the gift package from the campsite) and my tent raring to be put up so I could get out my celebrationary strawberry lime cider. Well I say that my ensentive was the cider, it was more about looking at my iPhone to see plenty of rain heading our way! On the whole whilst drizzly a lot of the time it did not dampen the groups spirits and was certainly better than being too hot. Also not to wet that the Mannies did not want to go out to explore the multitude of different byways and bridlepaths right on our doorstep…..straight out the dog walking gate and dogs of lead to sniff till their hearts content.
So it’s not been great for those who usually are dog showing at this time of year, but the flip side to this was having Clive & Gillian Knight able to attend with Talia Tara Trick and the young boy Teo. Lovely to see you all, some great experience shared in the evenings and seeing them enjoy their first time off lead on the rally field having crazy time with all the black & tans. I’m sure I saw some smiles of joy on a couple more faces!
Always a pleasure to have explorers in the group over a few days with Christine Parry & Bryn leading quite a few walks into areas unknown. As you said Christine amazing place as you can walk miles without coming to any roads! There was no pressure to go on walks and we all did our own thing with Paul Cee enjoying abit of metal detecting with his partner in crime Ruby…though when we caught up on the rally field Ruby chose Mannies over metal at one stage(no surprise there)!
So my favourite boy Eddie…oh Eddie you get more endearing every year. So the old man of the pack; still doing the miles, flirting with the girls, wanting the ball and smooching at his own pace with mate Dante. Marie Goodchild & Jaey not only owning the sweetest grumpy boy but being fantastic hosts in the evening and providing little Tilda with her first walking sling to save those puppy legs on the long walks. Marie you so need to make more of them and Judy Thurlow loved her adjusted walking aid for Tilda!
We the girls had awesome time and pretty much all had a little flirt with boys, just to name a few Ruby Ruby, Kita, Tilda, Topaz, Celyn, Pocket Rocket Penny and Penny. I’m sure there was more flirting from the others but to much going on!
Claire Louise Maclean & Chris, Dobi was a hit with girls and boys and what a stunner he his with a wonder personality. His competition being the adorable Teo who equally was in his element and so much puppy charm. A handsome young boy and had that ‘kid in sweet shop’ first time look as soon as he saw all the Mannies…well he had it all weekend 😍
Of course we had a few grumbles from the boys, with softy Sheldon obviously jealous he was not 2/4 years younger..didn’t know you could give such a dirty look Sheldon! But all grumps sorted once played as a pack and nothing more than a few barks and evil looks. I do include Dante in these grumps but hey everyone expects it from him and is again fine when off lead.
Well the more years I do mooches the more I see the pack placing themselves where they feel happy; Gypsy, Eddie keeping out of the chaos whilst young guns like Pocket Rocket and Ruby being crazy has it comes. Even saw Penny’s nose dive like an arrow into a tree about 5 foot up trying to retrieve a frisbee. It was hilarious seeing this wiggling bum and back legs sticking out 🤣
So beautiful walks, welcome stop at pub and plenty of tired contented Manchester Terriers. Always good for a catch up and also share our experiences and understanding of this wonderful breed. It’s not always easy with a Mannie and if there is one thing I take away from these walks is that just talking and having a bit of time with a like minded person can help with those stressful times and put a smile on your face.
Thank you everyone for a great time. Not easy dealing with Covid-19 and having to consider social distancing but everyone was considerate and whilst I’m sure we were not all perfect we did try our best and I would like the group to know I’m proud of you all and how you took it seriously but didn’t let it stop you enjoying yourselves.

So what about next year I hear you say? Well quite a few of us booked our pitches already. I’ve booked 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th August for next year. No rally field as in use but plenty of other places to race around near by. Please book yourself in if interested and note it is not a huge site so book early not to be disappointed. It’s a lovely site and owners are great

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