Congratulations to the Rat Catchers and Manchester Reunited Teams

Five teams attended the Obreedience heat at Ormskirk, held by FIT Dogs, on May 19th. It was a great day for Manchester Terriers. The Ratcatchers team came first, and Manchesters Reunited came second. Both teams picked up valuable points towards their goal of Crufts 2019. Although competing inside the ring both team support each other outside the ring as the photos show.

The Rat Catcher team was made-up of Zoe Lindop with Luna; Meg Dowen with Brian; Maureen Richardson with Florrie and a new team member Diane Barker with Kayleigh. This was Florrie’s first outing after surgery to correct patellar luxation in both hind legs in March 2018 and didn’t she do well with top points.

The Manchester Reunited team was Jean Walker with Briar; Brenda Harrison with Sadie; Chris Harrison with Teal; and Sue Pinkham with Katie.

This is the team report from the Manchesters Reunited team captain, Jean Walker:
Well, we have reviewed the videos kindly provided by our resident photographer, John Harrison. Heelwork: “head coach” my husband John, and me as well, are pleased as punch with the progress we have made. We can still tidy it up a bit, but keep up the good work. Individual exercises: Sendaway: Brenda and Sadie. 100% record to date! Can’t ask for more! Chris and Teal, scent: what can I say? All the hard work is certainly paying off, excellent exercise! Sue and Katie, stop on recall. Katie, youngest competitor, last minute substitute due to mum Lexi’s season. Katie waited on Sue’s command, responded to the recall command, but then took a few steps before stopping, taking her out of the box which lost points. But as I said, she is very young and actually did complete the exercise in competition, so just needs polishing up. Sue has every reason to be pleased with her. Now then, Briar: retrieve. Judges seem to vary on how they mark faults in this exercise. The answer is to do it properly and then there is no problem! Briar sniffing before she picks up the bell seems to be the norm. Rest assured I shall be working on it but in view of the improvement in the rest of the squad, I shall have to think if somone else could do a better job.

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