Changes to KC agility regulations 2019

Sandra Stringer writes:
The Kennel club has made changes to the rules on progression and equipment. Effective from 1st January 2019 experienced handlers with new dogs will enter Grade 2, while new handlers and dogs will enter at Grade 1. Any dog that has previously been entered for a KC show will start at their current grade. The number of wins required to progress has also been increased for each grade, including Championship eligibility. The new requirements are shown in the table below.

Grade Total Number of Wins Needed to Progress (including agility class wins) Number of Agility Class Wins Needed to Progress

GradeTotal Number of Wins Needed to Progress (including agility class wins)Number of Agility Class Wins Needed to Progress
1 to 221
3 to 432
4 to 542
5 to 642
6 to 753

A dog may progress up to Grade 4 by winning 100 points at each grade. A minimum of 50 points at each grade must be gained in agility (not jumping) classes. The new regulations also introduce a limit of four standard classes per day that can be scheduled for any dog. Graded classes will also now be restricted to a maximum of three grades.

Changes to equipment will see the dog-walk height being reduced to 1.2m from the ground. The pipe tunnel must now have a minimum diameter of 600mm, must be a minimum of 3m in length and may only curve in a single direction.

Importantly changes to jump heights have been deferred until January 1st 2020. At this point the jump heights being lowered to 60cm for Large dogs, 40cm for Medium dogs and 30cm for Small dogs and a new fourth, Intermediate, height of 50cm will be introduced. After 2019 the Lower Height Option will no longer be available, and therefore all dogs must jump one of the four heights based on their measurement.

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