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breed notes 28/06/20

28/06/20 I hope you’ve all been enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having, well up to this weeks rain!! Please remember your dog can overheat very quickly and untreated can prove fatal, I see so many dog owners walking their dogs in the heat, if its too hot for you its double for them!! Something […]

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Manchester Terrier breed note 21/06/20 Hi to all OD readers, hope you are all well, haven’t suffered during the pandemic and have enjoyed spending more time with your dogs!!!  I have been off line for a couple of months as not had much to report on so thanks to Mark for filling in with lots […]

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Manchester Terrier 05/06/2020 This is just my third week of writing these notes after been approached by Our Dogs and I am delighted with all the positive feedback so far. However if there is something you want me to highlight, just drop me a line. It is warming to see the Corona affected numbers reducing […]

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Breed notes 30/05/20

Manchester Terrier 30/05/2020 A few more restrictions removed by the Government, with the ability to now meet up with others, as long as we socially distance ourselves, so guess the walks with friends are now back on again. It was pleasing to read that the KC are highlighting the judges who have lost out on […]

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Breed notes 22/05/20

Manchester Terrier 22/05/2020 A positive move for most people in the previous week where some of the Corona restrictions were eased a little, allowing us to exercise our dogs at the seaside and in the country, with short trips allowed. In fact, been encouraged to do so … It would appear now that all but […]

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