British Manchester Terrier Club Open Show held on February 25th 2017

Judge Mrs J Thurlow (Erkenwyne)

BIS: Symington`s Ch Talanors Secret Treat (B)

RBIS & BOS: Church`s Rattustrap Charlie Brown (D)

Best Veteran: Dunford, Akrigg & Walton`s Ch/NDL Quixol Alexander

Best Puppy: Hayward`s Rosettia Rhapsody

Manchester Terrier Club Open Show principal winners

Manchester Terrier Club Open Show Best In Show

Manchester Terrier Club Open Show Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex

Judge’s Report

I would like to thank the British Manchester Terrier Club for inviting me to judge at their Open Show, and to the exhibitors for their super entry.
All exhibits had correct clean dentition and with only the odd exception were shown in polished, fit condition which befits the Manchester.
I was also pleased with the improvement in movement, especially in the youngsters, very few exhibited the high-stepping, short movement which had crept into the breed.

BIS – Symington’s CH Talanors Secret Treat
BD – Church’s Rattustrap Charlie Brown
RBD – Harrison’s Magpiebank Ash
BB – Symington’s CH Talanors Secret Treat
RBB – Wicker’s Mimbre Bombette
BPIS – Hayward’s Rosettia Rhapsody
BVIS – Dunford/Ackrigg/Walton’s CH/NDL CH Quixol Alexander

Special Veteran 7-9yrs D/B (3(1)) 1.Dunford/Ackrigg/Walton’s CH/NDL CH Quixol Alexander – Super strong wedge-shaped head with dark eye, using ears to advantage. Correct depth of chest, tuck up and rise over loin. Well angulated front and rear. Still marked well, although a touch of grey showing now. Moved ok. BVIS 2.Hemsell’s Tetani Spirit of the Wind – Feminine bitch with nice head, not using her ears to best advantage today. Lovely straight front with shapely body, good tuck up and rise over loin. Markings remain clear. Well handled.

Special Veteran 10+yrs D/B (3(2)) 1.Fitch/Reeve’s Westwytch Calico Cadeau – At almost 13 tan is now white, however he still shows excellent breed points. Lovely dark eye and earset, nice crest of neck, nicely angulated shoulder and shapely body. Good rear angulation. RBVIS

Minor Puppy D (0)

Puppy D (4) 1.Baird’s Paucelin Ibis – A big boy however remains balanced and in proportion. Super strength of head with strong underjaw, dark eye, good ear placement though could lift more. Strong neck leading into nicely angulated front, had nice deep chest, correct tuck up and rise over loin. Darkly marked. Movement still a little loose but exhibits super reach and drive. BPD 2.Andrew’s Magpiebank Tern for Texanger – Of a different type to 1, strong head, good dark eye, ears need to settle. Nice outline in profile, sufficient angulation front and rear. Moved well once settled.

Junior D (2) 1.Baird’s P. Ibis 2.Straughan/Cripps’ Talanors In For a Treat – Good for size, correct head with good fill under eye, ears a little heavy though. Super depth of chest and straight front. Has good angulation and moved with drive, but lost topline on the move.

Beginner D (1) Baird’s P. Ibis

Maiden D (0)

Novice D (3) 1.Baird’s P. Ibis 2.Almond’s Eaglespur Classic Charmer – Another up to size but well proportioned masculine dog. Well marked. A little erratic on the move today.

Graduate D (4) 1.Gray/Travis’ Brockenella Hector von Clanmarshal – Compact masculine dog with nice earset and dark eye. Well filled under eye. Good crest and length of neck flows into correct topline. Lovely deep chest with neat tuckup. Well angulated and moved well. 2.Almond’s E. Classic Charmer.

Post Graduate D (8(2)) 1.Ginter’s Lepommeau Monsieur Alfonse – Good for size with pleasing look from all sides. Decent depth of chest, nice tuckup and topline. Well marked. Moved well. 2.Grey/Travis’ B. Hector von Clanmarshal.

Limit D (5) 1.Church’s Rattustrap Charlie Brown – Super balanced dog with strength of head without being coarse, dark eye and lovely earset. Nice arch to crest of neck which flows through well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest with enough spring of rib, nicely tucked up. Sufficiently angulated to give smooth movement. If anything would prefer rise over loin to be maintained right through to tailset. Judged and liked this dog as a raw pup, pleased to see he does not disappoint with maturity! BD, BOS + RBIS. 2.Willis’ Talanors Super Treat – another strong dog with good bone and correct breed points, well angulated, however moving a little wide to and fro today.

Open D (2(1)) Harrison’s Magpiebank Ash – Stood alone but would hold his own in company. Up to size with good bone, super wedge shaped head and eye. Ears a little heavy but uses them well. Straight front from well laid shoulder placement, ample depth of chest and spring of rib with nice tuck up. Well angulated rear, moved and handled well. Lost topline a little in dog challenge. RBD.

Junior Handling 6-11yrs (1) Georgie Bearder – I was pleased to see that even without training this young lady was sensitive to her very young pup and gave it lots of encouragement. She listened to instruction standing her dog nicely on the table. Well done!

Junior Handling 12-16yrs (1) Laura Sharpe – Laura understands etiquette well. She was efficient without being fussy and performed her pattern accurately. Well done! Best overall handler.

Minor Puppy B (6(1)) 1.Hayward’s Rosettia Rhapsody – A neat, compact, feminine, elegant pup who shows maturity for one so young. Lovely head with dark, almond shaped eye, good earset and decent underjaw. Good angulation front and rear. Would prefer slightly more rise over the loin for a perfect topline. Handled well. BPIS. 2.Saville’s Simjest Back to Black by Dobermatian – A different type with long head, super dark eye and correct earset. Strong neck set on well laid shoulders. Is well angulated front and rear. Had a good topline in profile but was lost on the move with immaturity. Another to watch.

Puppy B (1) Harrison’s Magpiebank Teal – Lovely feminine girl with good head, dark eye with good underfill, not using ears to the best advantage today. Has a balanced overall shape, despite recent season. Moved well once settled.

Junior B (3(1)) 1.Walker’s Talanors Treat Me Good at Sizlin – A neat, compact, pleasing bitch with good overall balance. Flat skull, well carried neat ears and dark eye. Adequate depth of chest with nice tuckup, correct topline and tail set. Would prefer slightly more bend of stifle to allow her to drive more in movement. 2.Harrison’s Larkswing Belle Star – A tall girl with maturing to do, however has a good head with nice eye. Lovely straight front and pleasing body shape. A little erratic on the move today.

Beginner B (1(1))

Maiden B (1(1))

Novice B (3(3))

Graduate B (2) 1.Walker’s T. Treat Me Good at Sizlin. 2.Hemsell’s Tetani Lux Mundi – Pretty feminine girl, neat head but not using ears to best advantage today. Nice straight front, decent depth of chest and tuck, correct rise over loin and tail set. Moved ok.

Post Graduate B (4(1)) 1.Boot’s Ttombowor Princess Phoebe – A pleasing overall balance and outline with lovely correct markings. Good wedge shaped head, would prefer darker eye. Well angulated and moved well. 2.Keates’ Simjest Lady Tiana – A big girl with a strong head, dark almond shaped eye with good underfill and good underjaw. Good lay of shoulder with correct angulation front and rear. Moved ok.

Limit B (6(1)) 1.Sharpe’s Rosettia High Hopes – Well balanced neat bitch with good substance, nice head with dark eye and good ear placement. Good front, well-held topline and shapely body. Would prefer slightly better bend of stifle. Moved well. 2.Saville’s Querceti Isadora for Dobermatian – Lovely neat bitch of correct size. Lovely head with dark eye and neat ears. Well marked. Has a pleasing shape with good angulation. Moving a little wide in front today.

Open B ((6(1)) 1.Symington’s CH Talanors Secret Treat – This one pulled out all the stops today! A classy, elegant, well proportioned girl with perfect substance. Super outline standing and on the move. Straight front set well under shoulders. Correct angulation gave her fluidity of movement. BB + BIS. 2.Wicker’s Mimbre Bombette – A bigger, rangy girl but still has elegance and femininity. Lovely long skull, ears a little large but used them well. Nice length of neck leading into super well laid shoulders. Held a lovely topline standing and on the move. Well angulated front and rear gave her super reach and drive, though tended to move very close when going away. RBB

Progeny D/B (1) Hemsell’s Titani Kesseny Dhu – 4 generations paraded the ring with type, a pleasure to see!

Brace (2(1)) Hemsell – A pair of complimentary Manchesters in step with each other.

Team (1) Hemsell – Did their owner/breeder proud, walking in unison, true to type for this kennel.

Judy Thurlow

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