Breed notes 30/05/20

Manchester Terrier 30/05/2020

A few more restrictions removed by the Government, with the ability to now meet up with others, as long as we socially distance ourselves, so guess the walks with friends are now back on again.

It was pleasing to read that the KC are highlighting the judges who have lost out on their first time appointments, with their details been recorded on the KC judges database, advising they are passed for future appointments, in relevant breeds, groups or BIS..

The following judges have lost out on awarding their first sets of CC’s at Champ show level in Manchester Terriers… Ken Bartlett, Howard Ogden & Carmel Clarke-O’Neill. They must be so disappointed, hopefully they will be rewarded with alternative appointments.

Looking forward to 2021, the following judges have been approved to award CCs. Joe Ashe (Manchester), M Clifton (Crufts), Liz Cartledge (National Terrier), Albert Wight (SKC May), Jenny Miller (Paignton), Janet Benton (Bournemouth), Martin Phillips (WKC), Alan Stephenson (COB). Will update as others are announced.

A quick peep in the KC breed records Supplement for Spring 2020 shows that 10 litters were recorded, with 40 registrations, so an average of four a litter. That is up on the 2019 average of 33 / quarter. It was also noted that one Champion was declared, Digelsa Double Top (Oxley). Three new Junior Warrants, Digelsa Double Top (Oxley), Digelsa Dark Indulgence at Wystry (Davies & Brown) & Plantocracy Bold Bruce (Plant).

A recent notification was made by the BMTC that winners of the annual awards trophies, for 2019, that are awarded by the BMTC, will be allowed to hang onto these trophies for an additional year. This is due to Covid, cancellation of shows and non availability of trophies until later in the year.

On a positive note for anyone who needs a dog showing fix, there are lots of online dog shows available to enter on facebook, with most of them free, a bit of fun, which keeps the competitive spirit there. I have noted some manchesters already doing well in these competitions. I recently noted a European show been highlighted for Manchester Terriers and ETT’s.

Each week I will quiz Manchester terrier fanciers both past and present with a selection of questions, lets see what they come up with, I am sure it will make interesting reading. We start this week with a very well know figure, Mrs Ella Eva.

When did you first become involved in Manchesters? – I/we bought our 1st MT in 1973

Why Manchesters?  – I had a severe MS relapse and was advised to walk to help recovery.  I decided that it would be better to walk with a dog across our local beautiful countryside.

Do you currently own any Manchesters, and if so how many? – I sadly no longer own an MT.

Do you have any other dogs? – I don’t have any other dogs.

If you breed what do you consider the most important factors when considering a potential litter? – When we first started breeding the first and really only requirement in a stud dog was temperament.  Temperaments in the breed were not good and my first Manchester was a good example.  As I became aware of dog conformation and what to look for in a show dog I added good conformation to the requirements.  Later still as the gene pool available shrank I tried to stick to my ‘line’ without inbreeding, adding that to temperament and conformation.

Who would you consider as your mentor in the early days? – So many   people influenced me.  Betty Napthine, Phil Margiotta and reluctantly Bryan Moorhouse.

When did you start showing and was your first breed Manchesters? – I first started showing in, I think, 1973.  I was asked by the breeder of my first MT to support the first independent BMTC show.  It was an Open Show held just outside Coventry and my dog came last in all of it’s classed.

When did you accept your first judging appointment? – I first judged in 1983, Manchesters and other terriers at West Torrington show and the first Ch show was Windsor in 1989.

How many times have you awarded CC’s – I cannot remember how many times I awarded CCs, I no longer have the records ( MW – KC judging advises 10 times for M’Chesters & x 1 bedlington)).

Do you judge other breeds? – I gave CCs in Bedlington Terriers and judge all Terrier breeds and Toys at Open Show level.

Who are your favourite Manchesters from the past that (1) you owned yourself and (2) that belonged to another person? – My favourite MT as far as excellence goes was Ch Sophyla Satin Doll.   She was perfection for a MT, except that she was over the Standard in height.  Dogs not bred by me – there are so many.  Ch Hardway Hormblower, Ch Megellan Jack of Alltrades and the best Ch Calastoa Starlight.

If you exhibit your Manchesters how many shows do you exhibit at per year – or do you show selectively under judges because you value their opinion? – When we began showing we went to pretty well all shows that had classes for the breed.  We were as a breed struggling to get it better known and the only showcase we had was the showring.  Later of course we slowed down!  I have never purposely gone to a show for the judge.  One knew of course which judges would not even give your dog a second look, but we love the breed and tried to promote it as much as possible.

What are your greatest achievements in the show ring? – I suppose winning BOB at Crufts with my beautiful Ch Windswept Gypsophila, but Judging at the Centenary Crufts was pretty special too.

What are your greatest achievements outside of dogs? – I haven’t achieved anything outside dogs.  I am not the least competitive.  I suppose that learning to live with MS has been an achievement.

If you could offer advice to anyone showing or breeding Manchesters what would it be? – I don’t show or breed now or judge.

  1. I have never owned any other breed than Manchesters. ELLA EVA [SOPHYLA]

Standard Corner:

Eyes: Relatively small, dark, and sparkling. Almond shaped, not prominent.

I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.


Mark Walshaw JANMARK



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