Breed notes 12/07/20


With the lockdown restrictions being relaxed hopefully more dog related activities will begin to take place, I know I’m not the only one who is missing taking part in the various disciplines I’m involved in with my MT’s not to mention my friends from the shows!

Theres still some shows hoping to go ahead, Blackpool 25th – 27th September, Bournemouth 3rd – 5th October, SKC 27th – 29th November and LKA 12th – 13th December so hopefully a chance to catch up at one of these! Unfortunately it doesn’t look too promising for any Rally or obreedience heats for the rest of this year!!
Plenty of online shows have been taking place during the lockdown with lots of fun classes for those who aren’t familiar with the usual show scene so a great opportunity to show their pooches off in some great novelty classes. Will be nice if some of these continue once the normal show scene restarts.
The BMTC Virtual Summer of Fun has entered its 3rd week with the start of 2 new competitions, MT’s Got Talent photo and video competition and the Summer photo section of the official BMTC calendar competition. Judging for the fancy dress is underway and there’s some fantastic photos for the spring section of the Official BMTC calendar to sort through.
A new feature has been appearing over the last week, an introduction to the BMTC committee members, one every day with a section of questions and a nice photo. This feature has received positive feedback, with people happy to be able to put faces to the names they all know.
Watch out on the VSOF FB page for the upcoming raffle and online auction along with plenty more opportunities to enter photos and videos in various competitions taking place over the coming weeks.
With the lifting of restrictions one of the greatest events for MT’s is starting back up, with social distancing and rules obviously being followed, South East are the first do a Mooch with one taking place last Saturday!
Linda Shaw reports:
Manchester Mooch – Saturday 11th July Basingstoke Canal.

Our first mooch since Covid-19 and whilst small bubble gathering it was wonderful, fun and so lovely to see our Mannies catching up with friends.

So perfect and just what all about; we got the pleasure of Carol and Richard who are interested in the breed who were in their element and keen now to find their own terror of a munchkin. I will share at the end their thoughts.
So the gang Binky looking very trim, Dante (aka Fat boy as enjoying lick down far to much- but still looking sexy), Sheldon looking hot and brown eyed boy still got the charm, Pocket Rocket Penny still as mad as a bunch of daisies, Willow confident and such a sweet heart (a disguise Vanessa tells me) and the gorgeous Poppy who blows me kisses every time I see her.
Livercake was ready and thieves raring to go; it was a mooch of smells, balls and crazy chasing. All well behaved though loved Carol’s comment when the Mannies were having fun time of zoomies with local spaniel ‘it’s like watching a cartoon!’. You know when that pure joy expression just glows from top to toe..oh she so had it.
Poppy was loving Elvis an old friend of Dante’s, he’s still got it and nice to see Poppy being the flirt. Of course Dante not wanting to be out done took a liking to a few and was quite the gentleman with an American miniature schnauzer. He’s dam horny for a castrated dog.
Binky taking prize for most opportunistic cake thief but to be fair they were all at it!
Linda Walker thank you for the cake at the end and lovely for us all sit down for chat at end. It’s been far too long!
So to finish off with these kind words from Carol which hopefully sum up the day:
That was such a lovely walk that you organised ! Richard and I enjoyed meeting you and Dante, Simon and Binky, Vanessa, Poppy and Willow, Linda, Sheldon and Penny very, very much. You were all so welcoming, humorous, friendly and informative. I can’t speak highly enough of how you all are, especially you, Linda. Thank you for letting me and Richard come along and letting me have your famous liver cake so I could treat the dogs.
I loved chatting to you all and seeing your dogs in action. I’m definitely sold on Manchester Terriers and how they are feisty and spirited!!
Do take care and we hope you see you again.
All best wishes to you (if you contact the others please pass on my warmest thanks and wishes to them too),
Sounds like a fantastic return for Mooches!
Keep a look out of the BMTC website for upcoming south east, Northern and other Mooches taking place near you!
Have a fantastic week, good luck to all taking part in the competitions on the BMTC VSOF, even if you’re not taking part head over to the FB page and have a look at what others are posting and watch out for other features that will be posted there.
Stay safe.
Lesley Olbinson (Carapast)

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