Breed notes 06/07/20


Starting this weeks notes with happy news that Curtis, who was the latest boy looking for a new home after his owners circumstances changed, has found a new home where he is fitting in well. He was posted on the BMTC rehome page in June and through the fabulous work done by Martin Kirkbride he’s another success story.
Curtis was bred by Bethany Cawley and she asked me to post the following:
“We would like to thank BMTC club and Martin Kirkbride for the excellent work in finding Curtis his new home so quickly. “
Martin is extremely dedicated to helping MTs find a new home, with the help of Bev O’Neil, without judging their previous owners and ensuring their new one is the right one for them, thus helping to prevent MT’s ending up in a dogs home, where we All  know they wouldn’t cope very well.
Anyone wishing to rehome a MT should keep an eye out on the rehoming page on FB.
The BMTC VSOF is now in its second week. I hope you’ve had a look at the FB page to see what’s going on.
Currently we are running the fancy dress competition and photo competition for pictures with a spring theme. It’s free to enter so please send those fabulous pictures of your MT’s in. Over the coming weeks there will be a lot more appearing, quizzes, MT facts, committee facts and more photo competitions for you to take part in. We are also adding tips along the way to help with downloading your pictures and will also be putting some helpful short video guides for the sports competition. Keep your eyes out for them!!!
There will be online raffles and auctions with some fantastic dog and non dog items for you to have a chance at buying, definitely worth a punt!! Not much else going on just yet, although Blackpool and Bournemouth are still planning on going ahead with their new dates, I’m sure Mark will have covered that side of things in his notes for us.
Linda Shaw is organising some small South East mooches, head over to the BMTC website for details on these, I will also be starting the northern mooches up soon, obviously adhering to social distancing rules and will post on FB and the website.
Have a good week whatever you are up to, don’t forget to email me with anything you’d like adding to my notes.
Lesley Olbinson (Carapast)

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