Breed Appreciation Day – 3 November 2019

Carol Dunford writes:

More information:

The morning session is suitable for anyone interested in the breed and includes our super buffet.  The full day for candidates looking to judge the breed includes an exam – MCE- for the JCF – as it stands now – and – the old type seminar of placing of 5 dogs with critique.

We are trying to cover both judges training methods, if the outcome of the review of the JCF continues as it was originally proposed you will still have to take the JCF placing of 5 dogs again at the KC centre.  The 5 dogs you will judge at our seminar will still count towards the total number judged for your records.

At this time we are all awaiting the KC ruling on judges training when the review has given its verdict.   Carol Dunford  Assis Hon Sec

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