Judge’s Critique BMTC Limit Show – 16th July 2017

Judges: Dogs: Suzanne Smith. Bitches: Lesley Olbinson.

BIS: Megellan Rudi Blue. RBIS/BOS: Nightfury Bold Venture. BPIS: Westwytch La Vie Est Belle. RBPIS: Eaglespur Dutch Devotion. BVIS: Mansiya Midnight Graceful.

Judge Dogs: Suzanne Smith

Dog critiques.
I was honoured to be asked to judge dogs at the BMTC Limit Show. We enjoyed a good entry and it was good to see some promising youngesters with patient and obviously caring handlers.

Class 1: Puppy Dog
23. Eaglespur Dutch Devotion
7 month old puppy dog, with a lovely expression and temperament. Being a nice size with a good wedge shaped head and good fill under the eyes and correct ears. Clean straight front with legs set under. Good reach of neck and well sprung ribs and a lovely glossy coat. This happy young dog moved freely and playfully, when settled his movement appeared balanced.

Class 2: Beginners Dog
49: Eaglespur Marcus Maximus
This 2 year old dog is a lovely balanced dog with substance and a beautiful strong head and dark almond eyes. Ears are correct if a touch heavy but didn’t take away from his alert expression. With well sloped shoulders and a lovely straight front with correctly marked legs. A balanced dog, good in proportion, good muscle, deep brisket and pleasing bend of stifle. For a beginner he was completely settled in the ring and moved round with a nice balanced movement holding his tail correctly all the time.

Class 3: Tyro Dog
1st: 2 Magpiebank Tern For Texanger
A compact 13 month old dog, well balanced with substance. Nice head and reach of neck. Straight front, neat feet, legs quite heavily marked. Good spring of rib and tuck up with a gentle rise over the loins and a good bend of stifle. Hindquarters muscular, body generally still to reach maturity as to be expected at this age. Moved playfully in the ring but when settled moved well with a good positive stride. More to come from this young dog.
2nd: 49 Eaglespur Marcus Maximum (above).

Class 4: PG Dog
1st: 41 Westwytch Bolt for Gold
Well balanced 4 year old dog. Beautiful dark and sparkling almond shaped eyes, very good ear set and lovely expression. Good shoulder angulation and straight front. Not very deep in the chest but good tuck up and nice rise over the loins. Tail set was correct and held well throughout. A lovely gentle free flowing movement around the ring making full use of the space with a balanced and even pace.
2nd: 20 Egloshayle Black Dylan
A 2 year old dog with plenty of substance. Very strong wedge shaped head and a beautiful dark eye showing a keen, alert expression. Slightly troublesome ear, but set correctly. Good short and glossy coat, with quite heavily marked legs. Nice shoulder angulation, clean front and well muscled hindquarters with a good bend of stifle. Movement was straight and balanced, not quite as free flowing as 1.

Class 5: Open Dog
1st: 32 Megellan Rudi Blue
This 20 month old dog caught my eye as soon as he stepped into the ring. Top size with a stunning strong head, ears held correctly and a keen, lively expression. Very well muscled and strong compact body with a well defined shoulder angulation and power hindquarters. One of the few dogs today with a good forechest accentuating a deep brisket giving an overall fantastic and elegant outline. With a typical keen and alert temperament, this dog holds himself well and is ready for action. After settling into his stride his movement was easy yet powerful and purposeful with excellent reach and drive. BD. BIS
2nd: Brokenella Hector Von Clanmarshal.
A 23 month old dog with pleasing symmetry and elegant outline. Nicely balanced with a perfect tail set. Lovely dark almond shaped eyes in a good wedge shaped head and well held and positioned ears. Good straight front with legs set under. Chest not quite as deep as 1 but good stifle and hindquarters. Nice straight and flowing movement. Smashing expression and sweet temperament – a lot to like.

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