Bath & West Agricultural Show – 29 May to 1 June 2019

Bath & West Agricultural Show hosted their first Great British Dogs exhibition last week at their four day show, and it was a resounding success for them and for Manchester Terriers (MT).

My thanks go to everyone who volunteered; giving up their time, having wonderful dogs, baking some lovely cakes and making it such a fun event. Camping over the four days was me and John with Katie, Lexi and Baylee (honorary MT); Linda Walker with Sheldon and Penny; David Fowler with Stella and Cooper; Paul Clarke with Ruby (C) and Linda Shaw with Dante. We were joined by Ann Wadey with Narla; Ruth Calvert-Smith with Keeta; Elaine House with Charlie and baby Rita (12 weeks old and a big hit with the visitors); Hazel and Geoff Midwinter with Chilli and Tikka; Bethany Cawley with Lollie and Wendy Heller with Ruby.

Our breed stand was in a corner space by the door and although a bit cold on our first day, Wednesday, we were glad of it when the temperatures soared on the Saturday. The hall was located in a good spot. It was attached to the Cheese Hall which meant we had steady flow of visitors passing from and to the Heavy Horses. This included the Earl and Countess of Bathurst, joint presidents of the Bath & West Show. The Countess is a dog lover and she was definitely smitten.

This show had something for everyone. Even the army and navy had exhibitions. Ruby (C) felt the need for a photo call on one of the tanks and whilst watching the sheep shearing. We were also located by the Cider Tent which was frequented by those I will not mention.

Each day we had a Great British Dog parade in the Countryside Woodlands Display Ring which was located close to the hall. Each breed was introduced along with a brief history. We had up to 12 MT’s supporting the daily parade including Rita which was a big Ahhhhhh factor with the audience.

There was also Terrier Racing in the same ring twice a day with the winners going forward to the grand final on Saturday afternoon. Racing is a fantastic way to showcase our breed and the crowds love watching them run as a group which the organiser did each day. Joining Sheldon, Penny, Lexi and Katie with their debut races was Ruby (C), Tikka; Chilli; Dante and Narla and didn’t they all enjoy themselves and do well. All came away with rosettes and we had four dogs in the semi-finals on Saturday Sheldon, Lexi, Penny and Ruby. The four were raced in one heat which Sheldon won going on to take the crown of Champion and being awarded a wonderful trophy and rosette by Countess Bathurst.

It is safe to say that many more people have now seen and heard their first Manchester Terrier and will have a lasting memory of them. I also think the breed has won the admiration of many.

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