Autumn 2020 Newsletter

Autumn 2020

2020 has indeed been a challenging year, and we have all missed the Events that enable us to meet up with old friends and make new ones in the MT world.  We have employed modern technology where appropriate (some more smoothly than others!)…. before 2020 Zoom was something MT’s did around the living room – now it is how your Committee have meetings!  We have some important announcements to make, firstly from our Chairman and secondly from our Hon. Secretary:

Dear BMTC Members,

I write in response to enquiries which I have personally received and to questions posted on various Facebook forums.

A proposed ‘Manchester Terrier Association (MTA)’ has been formed by a small number of BMTC members. Their intention is to apply to the Kennel Club for full registration under Kennel Club rules. The MTA is not recognised or regulated by the Kennel Club.

Please be assured that the British Manchester Terrier Club is a fully working Club representing our wonderful vulnerable native breed and will continue to be the officially recognised Manchester Terrier Breed Club by the KC in the UK.

Contrary to rumour, the BMTC has not ceased to be, nor will it be replaced by the MTA. The BMTC have and will always have the Manchester Terrier breeds best interests at the fore. We will continue to implement the BMTC Rules which state the Club objectives:-

– To encourage the breeding of Manchester Terriers in accordance with the KC Breed Standard.
– To help members and other interested parties to preserve the true type and character of the breed.
– To promote the varied talents of the breed at dogs shows, agility competitions, obedience, heel work to music, exhibitions, and the Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme.

These objectives form the basis of all the work that we do to ensure our breed will survive for years to come. A fit and healthy breed with a good temperament. Dogs that are able to exhibit in the show ring, compete in the various canine sporting activities and still be a wonderful family companion.

Ray Dunford – Chairman BMTC


 Health Committee:

With regret we announce Jackie Brown has resigned as KC Breed Health Co-ordinator and from the Chair of the BMTC Health Committee. Jackie, a founding member of the HC, has freely given her time, experience in the field of genetics and vast knowledge for the betterment of Manchester Terrier. Jackie will kindly assist the HC during a transition phase.

The HC and BMTC Committee extend their thanks and wish Jackie all the best for the future.

Estella Saxton has stepped into the KC Breed Health Co-ordinator role and we welcome Bethany Cawley as a HC member. Carol Dunford fills the HC Chair position.


BMTC 2020 Championship Show Cancelled:

It is with sadness the BMTC Officers & Committee announce the cancellation of this Octobers Club Championship Show. Even though the Kennel Club have released comprehensive event guidance it is felt the safety and welfare of all those attending would be compromised. We are currently applying to the KC to hold two Championship Shows in 2021. The first of the two will provisionally be held on 6th February 2021 at Tomlinsons Canine Centre, Markfield Leicestershire. Once confirmed by the Kennel Club the Membership will be notified.  Other show dates and venues will be released in due course. In the mean- time we wish you all safe and well.

Estella Saxton BMTC Hon. Secretary


Disappointingly the Committee have also had to take the decision to cancel the Seminar to have been held on 1stNovember.  The uptake for this has once again been extremely low, perhaps due to uncertainty going into winter, so we will look to run it in 2021.

The AGM will be held at Tomlinsons on 6th February 2021 after the Show has finished.

The Fun Weekend was also a casualty but happily transferred online to Facebook, and the Virtual Summer of Fun (VSOF) which started in late June is scheduled to run into September. With Four Season Photo competitions, Fancy Dress, MT’s Got Talent, meet The Committee features, an Auction and MT related quizzes already completed there is still an Art Competition, a Raffle with amazing unique donated prizes, sport video challenges, case studies and more to come!  Prizes will be sent out to the winners of the various competitions at the end of the Event, and we have a Leader Board up and running with a very special prize in store for the Overall Winner.  Because not everyone is on email, we are including two of the quizzes with the postal version of this Newsletter.  We hope you enjoy the challenge. There will also be our 2021 Calendar as a result of all the lovely photos that have been submitted.


The beneficiary of the VSOF Online Auction is ‘Friends of the Manchester Terrier’. ’Friends’ is our MT breed welfare, it is there to support those dogs that fall on genuine hard times.  The Auction raised an incredible £720.85 which joins donations from several members at Christmas and the MRU Obreedience Team donating the expenses given to them by The Caravan Show in February.  Thank you all for your incredible generosity, every penny will be used to help those MT’s that need our help.  There have been four dogs re-homed in 2020 so far.  Very occasionally a dog does need support to find a forever home and we are lucky to have funds available when they are needed.


We are delighted to announce that next year the Fun Weekend will return in the flesh, and Hailey Rugby Club, Witney in Oxfordshire is booked for the 16th – 18th July 2021.


Finally, a note about the Associate Member scheme from Membership Secretary, Liz Jones:

Breeders, did you know that you can join your new puppy owners as BMTC associate members? It is only £5 per puppy/owner for a PDF version of the Yearbook or £10 for a hard copy of the Yearbook.  This is easily done by completing and sending a form with payment. The new puppy owners will also receive the latest newsletter, VWD information sheet and access to the Member Only section of the BMTC website. They will also be contacted at the end of their 12-month associate membership to be invited to join as a full member. Thank you.


Please keep safe everyone, your MT’s will have enjoyed seeing more of you this year, and we hope that we see more of you all in the not too distant future.


Quiz 1Anagrams from the Breed Standard:     Quiz 2.  Cryptic Affixes – all in the 2020 Yearbook.

Lull Gonks                                                                                Worn on the riding boot of an imperial bird

By Hot rods                                                                              Phone card?  You are joking!

Ahoy marching ant                                                                 Telephone a badger

Complacent gate                                                                     Sherriff of a northern tribe

Pig down river                                                                          A guardian’s haze

Cinders Gin                                                                               Listen and consume victuals

Olde cartwheels                                                                        Tolerate a burn

Nomad Sleepyheads                                                                 No pain in this baby’s breath

Bert fits crosspiece                                                                    Make butter with an extra-terrestrial

Flatten BT wellies                                                                      Mark that correct Miss Gwynn!

Trail host                                                                                     For example, dried grass + 50 in misplaced village

Ted Dove                                                                                     Old boys meet a Norse goddess


Answers in the next Newsletter!



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