BMTC Championship Show – 7 October 2017

Thanks to all those who made our show a great success, there was the usual friendly atmosphere, and a generous spend on the huge raffle, so many of you brought along something for the raffle, thanks again. Well done to our winners and to those who did not do so well, remember there is always another day another judge. Sadly Andrew Brace was unwell and at the last minute Max King was available and stepped in, he was our judge for the 2018 show, and we are very grateful that he agreed to come. I am sure we all wish Andrew a speedy recovery.

Please note that if you won a set of miniature bottles of booze on the raffle they are for display purposes only and NOT to be drunk. Lastly I was not on top form on the day due to still recovering from shingles, so I am sorry if I missed having a chat with you.

Ray Dunford

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