With the Covid restrictions being tightened again it becomes difficult to socialise your dogs which is so frustrating for puppy owners. Small mooches are a great way to stay safe and help your dogs gain confidence whilst complying with the stay safe rules. Speak to your local mooch co-ordinator to see if they can help, details for each area are available on the BMTC website Mooch page.
Linda Shaw is our South East Mooch organiser and reports on her Mooch last week:
South East Mooch 20th September – Cookham, Maidenhead
So restricted numbers meant quite a few people bowed out gracefully and I want to start by saying thank you to those that did.
I’m sure everyone thought it was the last day of sun for this year as crazy busy and parking not the easiest, but it did not dampen anyone’s spirits.
We got to have Sue & Phil who were interested in the breed almost jumping for joy with seeing our Mannies. Thank you David Egloshayle Palmer for the time you spent discussing them and leading them to the mooch!
We had the pleasure of a well behaving small pack; Roxy, Otto, Milo and Dante. Otto & Marlo the pups real sweet hearts and of course had them eating out my hand for the livercake.
So Otto still old enough to have his bromance with Dante and attached to Dante permeantly…when Dante stopped, he stopped and didn’t realise how good my boy was a training the young ones!
Milo such an excited pup and really enjoying zommies with friends.
Roxy being the lady and sneaking in for free livercake ever so often when Dante not looking.
Well it was new experience for me today as well as now started to use muzzle on Dante this week. So muzzle training in full swing and actually lovely to see him getting use to it. He’s still wanting it off on occasions, but had fun being the old boy being chased and plenty of treats when taken off or put on. Still early days for me getting use to muzzling but it did bring a certain amount of relief for me. Sue commented how good my boys recall was and it was really good to get positive feedback and observation. Don’t under estimate those little comments that bring some confidence back and it doesn’t matter how long you have owned a Mannie.
Some really good chats about what to expect with our b&ts, some of the dificulties through Covid and suggestions in a friendly environment on things to help. Mooches really do support our dogs & own mental wellbeing.
What a beautiful day with lovely people and happy dogs, with a chance to dream about the lovely houses we saw which is always fun when visiting this location.
The Bounty Pub which is on the River Thames with no road access were well set up during these covid times. Refresh stop and so many dogs…a dream pub for the likes of us!
So hope to see you again soon and know Sue & Phil will make great owners if they so wish. Asked all the right questions, not phased by how crazy these Manchester’s can be, whilst digesting what that really means.
With restricted numbers I really hope everyone looks to creating their own local events so everyone gets to enjoy these occasions and not be disappointed if the larger ones are restricted or cancelled. Happy mooching.
The BMTC VSOF is entering its last weeks, thank you to all who have taken part in the events created by the committee members. Its hard to miss the real events we would usually hold but we hope you have all enjoyed our efforts to give you different challenges for you and your dogs.
The committee have found it so frustrating to not be able to hold a live event but we put the safety of our members at the forefront of all we do. It’s not acceptable to put members at risk by bending the rules just to hold a social event, the rules have been set for a reason and the quicker people follow them the quicker we can all get back to enjoying ALL the social events we have been missing.
Back to the VSOF…..
Our last competition is our on line Limit show, which started on Monday and will run until midnight on the 9th October to allow our judge to select their winners on 10th October, which is when we would have been holding the BMTC Championship show.
Head over to our FB page and get those photos of your lovely dogs in the albums. All the rules are on there along with the prizes which are up for grabs…. Good luck.
Have a good week and stay safe.
Lesley olbinson (Carapast)

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