After a rather wet start to the week hopefully its a bit brighter when you’re reading this!!
With lots of getting out on walks now there’s some hidden dangers lurking in the most unexpected places!!!!
Amber Leigh Smith was extremely unfortunate to find herself and Kaos in a serious situation:
“Kaos had quite the trauma today!
We decided to explore Marbury Park. We were wandering around the woodlands when we stepped right on top of a ground bee’s nest
Both Kaos and I got SWARMED…they poured out!! Poor poor Kaos was crawling with them, he just shut down and lay down on the ground- bees all over him!! My sister managed to grab his harness and dunk him in the water where the bees floated away and I picked him up and we ran and ran!!
I got stung all over and Kaos had been absolutely brutalised. I pulled at least 20-30 stingers out of him, my doggy first aid kit I made was a life saver!! I gave him an anti histamine and we rushed all the way back to the car, carrying him as he was shaking and couldn’t walk. I drove straight to emergency vets and they were amazing, saw him straight away and gave him a steroid injection. I couldn’t go in with him, but he was wagging his tail and walking again by this time, and the vets said he was such a lovely, friendly boy and they loved his crazy ears!
A very shakey (& sore!) Amber sat down in the vet car park until he was feeling better. When we called to pay, the receptionist say the whole clinic had been admiring and fussing him and said he was so happy despite what he’d been through
We went straight to my mum’s who lives nearby for lots and LOTS of tea! Kao’s got cuddles and a bowl full of pork luncheon from grandma and is feeling a bit subdued but much better. Back home and snoozing. He says sorry for pooing on your t shirt mum but it was very very scary!!!
What. A. Day!!!!!
My tip after this? Carry a first aid kit if you can! Vet said the immediate antihistamine had helped him a lot”
Great tip about the antihistamine, I’ve seen quite a few MT stings and luckily there was always someone handy with some to save the day!!!
Always remember though if you’re not sure always head to your vets for advice!!!
On a happier note the BMTC VSOF is in full swing.
We have had some fantastic entries in the MT’s got talent competition which will now be closed for judging along with the summer calendar competition.
Look out on the VSOF FB page for results of the winners soon!
Currently the Autumn photo competition is running along with the ongoing auction event.
To see what’s on offer in the auction click on the events icon at the top of VSOF FB page, some great dog and none dog items to bid for and all proceeds (minus postage) going to ‘Friend of the British Manchester Terrier’ fund.
Look out for more competitions and features in the coming weeks including an online raffle!
One of the features we’ve been posting since the start of the VSOF has been a “who’s who” on the BMTC committee!
We’ve had some great feedback on this item as a lot of people will know the names so its great to put a face to them.
Over the coming weeks I will post these for those who missed them, minus the photos obviously, head over to the VSOF event to see these.
How many of you know who is on the BMTC committee, I know that I didn’t so we’ve decided to run an introduction of “who’s who”.
We’ve asked each member a series of questions and today we start with our own Chairman – Raymond Dunford.
1. Where do you live? – South Lakes
2. How long have you been a BMTC member? – Since 1991
3. What brought you to our breed and how long have you owned an MT – I was looking for a short-coated breed that could walk the hills, be a good house dog
4. What’s your favourite food and drink? – Wine – Merlot, spirit – whiskey, food – Chinese
5. What’s your most embarrassing MT moment? – Carol was showing and asked me to bring the dog back for Best Veteran. I brought Polly , I had put both in the car ready to go home, I should have brought Bertie, but had taken me so long that we did not challenge for BV
6. What bad habits do you have? – Not listening to my wife.
7. Whats your favourite BMTC activity/activities? – Walks and the BMTC fun week ends
8. If you could change anything in your life past or present then what would that be? – In future to wake up and find the hair on my hair had all grown back
9. How many dogs do you own and what breeds? – 2 Manchesters and 1 King Charles Spaniel
10. What do your dogs do that make you smile? – They are so keen to go in the car be it for walks or just to the shops the excitement is electric.
Next its Estella Saxton, the BMTC Secretary.
1. Where do you live? – In the village next to Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire
2. How long have you been a BMTC member? – I became a BMTC Club Member 2008. For the last 6 years I’ve served as a Committee Member or Officer.
3. What brought you to our breed and how long have you owned an MT? – I met my partner Phil when he came to our KC ringcraft club with little Diesel a 12 week old MT puppy. So I blame Phil …. that was a few weeks off 14 years ago!
4. What’s your favourite food and drink? – Roast beef Sunday dinner with all of the trimmings….. and a good dark real ale to go with it.
5. What’s your most embarrassing MT moment? – When Bolly decided that Liz Cartledge (judge) was her new best friend on the show table at Midland Counties. Bolly tried to kiss & lick every millimetre of Liz Cartledge’s face including inside her ears, mouth and nostrils!
6. What’s your greatest success with your dog/s? – I’ve been privileged to have lots of success in the show ring. However Handling ‘Onni’ (Multi Ch Rattustrap Englands Own JW ShcM) who we bred and owned by Paivi Hituri & Timo Virta, to the finals of the Pup of the Year Competition. The same year a Portugese Water Dog I bred ‘Kipper’ (Kimberwae Space Cowboy) also qualified for the finals. To date no other MT or PWD have achieved this.
7. What bad habits do you have? – I have no bad habits other than nail biting
8. Whats your favourite BMTC activity/activities? – Definitely the fun weekend. It’s great to see so many enthusiastic MT lovers coming together and celebrating the versatility of the breed.
9. If you could change anything in your life past or present then what would that be? – I’m sure we would all change one thing if we could. But I feel by changing that one thing it would put us on another path, and that path may not be as good as hoped for. I’m grateful for the home, family, true friends and the four legged canine companions I have.
10. How many dogs do you own and what breeds? – Lots! Manchester Terriers, Black & Tan Coonhounds, Bernese Hounds & a Borzoi. Some are co owned with amazing friends so that means I don’t have too many lol
11. What do your dogs do that make you smile? – Garden zoomies 100%!!
Two more for you nest week!!
The BMTC are extremely thrilled to announce this week that next years BMTC Fun Weekend has been booked in Hailey, Oxfordshire on the weekend of 16th – 18th July!!!!!
There will be more information on this event later in the year/ start of 2021 so get the dates in your diaries, something to defiantly look forward to as this is an event where MT’s thrive and you have a great time socialising with likeminded people!!!
A great opportunity to learn more about MT’s, even if you’re not planning on showing, is the BMTC breed appreciation day being held on 1st November, more details are on the BMTC website.
Enjoy your week and say safe.
Lesley Olbinson (Carapast)

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