Well the big event will have begun once you’ve received this issue, Crufts 2020 here already!!!
Our Obrediance team Manchester’s Reunited will be in the final today, 5th, along with Jane with Nancy in the vulnerably breed finals!!! Friday is the breeders finals with Talanors team flying our flag! Onyx will again be running her heart out in the flyball heats for the finals so make sure you don’t miss that either!! And please give everyone your support, a lot of hard work goes into all these activities throughout the year to get to represent our ever versatile breed!! There will be dogs and their humans manning the discovery dog stand all 4 days so please pop along and say hi!
Manchester’s are showing on Sunday after the WHWT’s so watch out for the plooms of talc and chalk if you’re heading over to watch our breed judging!!! The breed stand will be back at ringside this year so come and buy yourself a gift or two!!
Our club show will have taken place last Saturday but this was written before then so I shall share the results with you along with all the happenings at Crufts!
Last week I missed the deadline due to various health and tech issues so I am going to post them now as I thought they were important  so wanted to share with the MT comunity……
MRU were invited to do a demo at the Caravan Show at the NEC last week along with the other teams who are in the finals at Crufts this year. There were two teams each day doing heal work and individual exercises with fun stuff thrown in. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it with Grace as have a trapped nerve in my shoulder but it sounds like they had a great time and impressed and thoroughly entertained the crowds!! A great practice for the big event next Thursday!!!
Sue Pinkham reports on her return to her venue on the Saturday….
Along with eight other breed teams, the Manchester Reunited team were invited to showcase Obreedience at the Caravan Show at the NEC.  This was another opportunity for us to introduce our breed to another audience.  On the Saturday I was invited back with Lexi to join the Parade of 20 breeds of dogs.
This was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the breed.  Each breed was introduced with some background information about the breed and the dog.  We then did two laps around the ring before the next breed was introduced.  Whilst each breed entered the ring the rest of us spent time ringside talking to people and answering questions.  The normal army of children were there and Lexi was happy for them to stroke her and, with their parents permission, feed her.  As I moved around the ringside a young lady with Down Syndrome appeared in front of me. She was desperate to stroke and hug Lexi.  With her arms around Lexi and a look of sheer excitement and joy the girl turned to her mother who was sitting two rows behind.  Tears were running down her Mother’s face and she said “thank you, she is scared of dogs and this is the first time she has stroked a dog”.  Well it made my day and I was so proud of Lexi.  It makes it all worthwhile. Well done Sue and Lexi!!!
These kind of moments are what makes our breed unique, (in our eyes anyway) special and addictive. They are willing to have a go at anything we ask of them given the time and patience you put in to them, Lexi had a traumatic event several years ago and was terrified to do anything following it, especially being surrounded by big groups or in loud, noisy venues, yet with love, work and careful training Sue has brought her back to be able to share a moment that will probably stay with that family forever. I know sue was also traumatised and it has taken her a long time to feel confident to let Lexi loose anywhere so I truly think this is just one example of a perfect bond between our pooches.
Must also say Congratulations on the top winners of the showing community for 2019:
DIGELSA Manchester Terriers:
Top Breeders
Top Dog
Top Puppy
Top Brood Bitch – All Terrier Breeds.
Gill Oxley writes: “Many thanks to all our Digelsa family and friends. Especially Travis – Top Stud – All Breeds”
Gill Knight writes: “Well its now official. I can let everyone know that Travis, our lovely boy has won the Top Stud Dog of the year 2019. Not only is he Top Manchester, or even Terrier Group but all Breeds. What an achievement for our breed, when we have a limited number of CC’s per year. So proud and pleased.
He won 13 CC’s numerous RCC’s and one Group 3 place. He has produced 11 English champions, 1 Swedish ch. 1German ch and 1 Canadian ch. and three youngsters already doing very well in the show ring. A team of his children will be competing in the breeders competition this year at Crufts. Thank you to everyone involved.”
For those who don’t understand the results they are based on wins at shows for progeny from brood bitch and dog, (parents of the winning dog/ bitch) and individual wins for the top Dog /Bitch / puppy. All points are added up over the year by the KC and that’s how the winners are announced.
The MRU team are in the Crufts final next Thursday so will hopefuly be winners by the time you get next weeks paper so please do come along and give us your support if you are there in the day, also Jane will be strutting her stuff with Nancy on the same day in the venerable breeds final so please come and show your support.
Lesley olbinson

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