24/11/18 was West Midland Terrier club open show.

Judge Jane Goodwin had a good entry and her principle winners were:

BOB was Gill knights talanors typically special RBOB Dianne church’s rattustrap fade to black and BP Jane judges harliboo pretty in pink 

25/11/18 South East Mooch, Petworth 25th , Linda Shaw reports – So our pre Christmas Mooch was another success with 16 Mannie’s causing havoc as usual.

With it being our leader Ann Wadey Birthday, plus Sheldon’s birthday tomorrow we celebrated with port and mince pies for starters, and surprise, surprise I had a self emptying livercake treat bag for the dogs!

I think we were all wondering if Ann could pull the weather out the bag again as it did rain all the way to the event, but the sun peered through the clouds at the start, and not one drop of rain!

We had lots of young ones on the walk and some very excited terrors. Zeus got in a bit of a pickle when full body slam which seemed to be more like a game of rugby even without the ball being near. Lots of love and attention and he soon got up and walking thou, so hopefully no damage done. Livercake seem to help.

Dylan really got the girls going with his speedy ball chasing (thou think it was more about being chased by the girls ). Pocket rocket Pen was in close pursuit with Ruby get in there as well. Dylan even bring the ball back so can be thrown…..a new development!

Narla was like at excited pup when she got the ball as she nodded her head from side to side with a prancing horse effect.

Lots of interest in the breed as they were a sight for sore eyes, though not for the faint hearted with dogs wizzing in front of you left , right and centre!

Suzan Liles lovely to see you bring all the girls and boys out and you know I have my soft spot for Buffy.

So family affair for Paul Cee and wonderful to meet your mum who I think loved it. A big beam on Barbara’s face eh.

Brilliant walk and we were already for our roast and we were not to be disappointed; awesome food and as you said Kathy Gidden so relaxed and dog friendly. Cake to finish off for Ann’s birthday and more antics under the table with Poppy & Daisy giving me soul eyes, whilst Ruby still playing the little tart with Dante & Dylan.

So tired boys & girls I believe as Dante already under the throw….Happy Christmas & thank you everyone for making it such an enjoyable mooch. Wobble mooch after Christmas and I will start the planning for 2019 South East Mooches shortly.

Don’t forget Lincoln open show and LKA championship show are our last get togethers before Christmas so feel free to bring something along for our traditional after show parties. 

Keep me updated with your pooches escapades.


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