Gill knights report on the breeder final at crufts: 

It was great to represent such a numerically small and vulnerable breed in such a competition. Throughout the year we won the terrier group competition three times, Blackpool, Bournemouth and Leeds   Proud of all the new owners who were superb in the big ring and it was a lovely experience for us all   None of us heard the commentary so don’t know what was said about the Manchester’s  Christy said she was dedazzled by the sparkly stars!

Last weekend there were two mooches in the north!

17/02 Formby beach saw 16 mighty Manchester’s, Todd and Ted, on very windy but dry day. We were joined by two charming puppies, Finn and Angus who joined in the rough and tumble with the bigger boys and girls, think they were unsure of what Todd was up to!! Its safe to say that all were exhausted after battling the breeze especially 13wk old Angus who had a snooze down his owners jumper!!! Is always lovely to see youngster gain great confidence when thrown in to the chaos of the older MT’s.

17/02 The Scottish mooch was a great success today. 9 Manchesters, one ETT, one Heeler, one Staffie and one Jack Russell. All well behaved (apart from Sir Humpalot Baxter). Weather stayed nice for us too.

AGM Ryton on Dunsmore Village Hall CV8 3EY – Sunday 14th April.

ST GEORGES DAY PARADE …….ALL WELCOME!  Monday 22nd April.  Mustering point Varley St., Miles Platting, Manchester. M407EJ   Start time to follow.  A couple of hours strolling and chatting whilst being cheered by enthusiastic  crowds – what better way to spend Easter Monday?  Do come and join us!

Keep me posted,

Lesley Olbinson 


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