I am extremely sad to be starting this weeks notes with the heartbreaking news that Meg Dowen lost her boy Brian on sunday, far too soon after being diagnosed with cancer. Anyone who knows Meg will know how absolutely devastating this is for her and her family. I know we all love our dogs but there was a very special bond between them, which I witnessed at many Rally and Obreedience competitions. I lost count of how many time I heard Meg shout his name as he ignored the course and headed straight to hump the judges leg!! He was never in trouble though as Meg clearly thought the world of him and just left the ring laughing. I know I have been in stitches at his antics many a time and will miss him and Meg at Rally competitions.
For those who don’t know them there is a video of them on the rally challenge, now a fitting tribute to him, although he behaved impeccability whilst being filmed, no judges leg was humped. Run free crazy boy!
Meg posted these words on Monday morning:
‘It with the greatest of sadness that I need to tell you that Brian has lost his battle with cancer. He passed away peacefully in the early hours of Sunday morning. He had a short illness and during this time we made many memories with him that will stay with us forever. Brian was my best friend in the world and was always so willing to have a go at what ever activity I took him to. He was a one of a kind and I loved him dearly even when he was up to his naughty antics. Life will never be the same without him and I will miss him every second of every day.  Run free my Lobster I will love you always and forever. X’
Brenda Harrison posted more devastating news:
“For those of you that know Glenn and Margaret Harrison, who have been members for many years, (Bellbrock). A short while ago they lost their last MT, Corduroy Icon @ Bellbrock (ike) at 12 and a half years. Whilst out walking Margaret and Ike were subject to a vicious attack by a pit bull type. Ike was on his lead at the time. Ike died of his injuries, and Margaret was also injured. As you can imagine they are very upset. If you would like any further information please phone Delia Hemsell.”
With Covid rules becoming stricter in some areas of the country it’s important to stick to the rules to avoid more lockdowns! its not worth taking risks which will effect other people, its better to be responsible, nothing is worth getting together for at the detriment of others.
It’s hard as a club to cancel or postpone events but there will be opportunities to hold them in the future!!! Nothing is more important than someones health!
The rule of six in force all over the country makes Mooches and many other social activities difficult to attend but do try and socialise your dogs when possible, keeping yourself and others safe!!
Hopefully we will all be able to get back to some normality and restart all the disciplines I’m sure you’re all missing in the new year, it’s definitely been a trying year for us all and I know we miss our friends at agility, rally, obedience, breed stand and showing, I know I sure do!!
Some lighter notes now.
Our virtual summer of sun is entering its last few weeks, we’ve had some great entries, there’s a lot of very talented MT owners out there!!
I do hope you’ve enjoyed having a go at the different activities we’ve posted for you to try, it’s amazing what you can do with this breed with a little patience and of course some food.
Hope you enter the on line show which has now begun, running until 10th October when the BMTC champ show should have been, plenty of categories to enter your beautiful/ handsome dogs in, even if you’ve never shown before it’s worth having a go.
The raffle will also be running until the same date, again some lovely prizes to be won.
The leaderboard will be complete after the show and all winners of the competitions that have run throughout the VSOF will then receive their prizes and the overall winner will be announced!!
Our last two committee members feature in this weeks ‘getting to know the committee’:
Garry Minnikin Committee Member and flyball champion:
1. Where do you live? – Just outside Selby in North Yorkshire
2. How long have you been a BMTC member? – 4 and a bit  years
3. What brought you to our breed and how long have you owned an MT? – When I was a young boy there was one in the town where I lived and I always liked the look of it.
4. What’s your favourite food and drink? – Beef, lamb, curry, continental lager and gin, ok maybe I eat and drink a little too much.
5. What’s your most embarrassing MT moment? – First year at the fun weekend, we set up on the Friday night and was ready to do a flyball demo the following day, Onyx decided that she would escape our garden area and started doing zoomies around the field and wouldn’t come back, the only way I could think to get her back was to lay on the floor and yell, she immediately came running to me to nibble my nose and ears.
6. What’s your greatest success with your dog/s? –  I actually have two, when I got Onyx a dog trainer told me I would never get an MT to do flyball so I was so proud when Onyx did her first clean run, my other greatest success was winning the Crufts flyball final this year with Team Focus.
7. What bad habits do you have? – Being outspoken and not putting my glass in the dishwasher at the end of the night.
8. What’s your favourite BMTC activity/activities? – 100% fun weekend
9. If you could change anything in your life past or present then what would that be? I’m not sure I would, I have a few regrets in life but actually I’m quite happy in the way my life has turned out.
10. How many dogs do you own and what breeds? – We have 5 dogs, Stella and Tia (Parson Russell Terriers), Sapphire a Blue Merle Border Collie and Onyx and Zircon which are our MT’s.
11. What do your dogs do that make you smile? – They all have individual characters but I smile so much when I come home as they are always excited to see me, oh and then we can’t forget the zoomies whether indoors or out.
And lastly I introduce myself, Lesley Olbinson – vice chair of BMTC:
1. Where do you live? – Manchester
2. How long have you been a BMTC member? – 10 years (6 on committee).
3. What brought you to our breed and how long have you owned an MT? – visited DD when showing my Irish setter Todd at Crufts, met Ann & Chris Harrison, the rest is history, that was 11 years ago!!
4. What’s your favourite food and drink? – steak or anything with garlic! Whisky
5. What’s your most embarrassing MT moment? – My dogs don’t do anything embarrassing, honest!!!
6. What’s your greatest success with your dog/s? – Grace being part of MRU Obrediance team and winning RCC at Crufts!, Mr Darcy getting best in show at the BMTC show and being on tv with Claire Balding,(editor note – Claire Balding being a guest on tv on an audience with Mr Darcy)
7. What bad habits do you have? – starting to reply to someone’s message, getting waylaid and forgetting to finish and send said reply!!!!
8. What’s your favourite BMTC activity/activities? – Gotta be fun weekends!!
9. If you could change anything in your life past or present then what would that be? – Nothing, if I changed anything then I may not have met the wonderful people I have.
10. How many dogs do you own and what breeds? – 3 dogs, 2 raptors, MrD and Grace and a very chilled and patient Irish setter, Todd!!!
11. What do your dogs do that make you smile? – Everything! This breed has the biggest personality, they’re always making me smile.
A message from Dianne who looks after our merchandise:
“The BMTC’s official 2021 Calendar has arrived!
If you have pre ordered and paid your copy should be with you within the next couple of weeks. I will be posting out in batches.
To order your copy please email diannechurch@icloud.com confirming your name, address and how many copies you would like.
The cost per calendar including P&P in the UK is £8.00.
A donation will be made to “Friends of the British Manchester Terrier” for every copy sold.”
I’ve already got mine, it’s lovely to see the winning  dogs from the photo competition featured, lovely natural pictures. It’s also a great way to support the friend of the Manchester terrier charity by purchasing one.
Take care everyone.
Lesley Olbinson (Carapast)

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