Manchester Terrier breed note 21/06/20

Hi to all OD readers, hope you are all well, haven’t suffered during the pandemic and have enjoyed spending more time with your dogs!!!  I have been off line for a couple of months as not had much to report on so thanks to Mark for filling in with lots of interesting facts from the show world and interviews from the breeds most influential members.
Im starting with some sad news from Bethany Cawley & Elaine house who lost their lovely girl Darla (Digelsa Dancing with Darla), Bethany wrote on FB:
We sadly said good bye to our beautiful Darla yesterday (15th June) at 9 years old. She’s had a tough few years, her health up and down. It was time to take the pain away and let her rest.

For the people who knew her she was a typical Manchester, true terrier but adored nothing better than being snuggled under every blanket she could find. We will miss her so much.
Happier news now, Judy Thurlow has been entertaining her dogs during shutdown with teaching them tricks and hoopers and reported:
Well Tilda has been a busy girl!!! She has learnt more tricks to gain her Advanced Trick Dog Title and started on her Online Hoopers tests to earn her Foundation and Bronze levels, still waiting for the bronze rosette to arrive!! And all of this before she was 6 months old yesterday!!! Super proud of my Wildchild!!!! It shows also what a versatile breed Manchester Terriers are!!! Edited to add that Kita also passed her Foundation and Bronze Online Hoopers awards!! I have been told off for leaving her out!! Naughty mummy!
Im sure many of you have been spending the extra time with your dogs training them to do new things, let me know if you want anything including in the notes!
The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster for a group of MT owners who helped in the search for missing dog Gem.
He escaped from his new owner as he was getting out of the car and ran, not knowing the area he continued to look for somewhere to take cover.
This resulted in a tiring week of posts being shared, flyers being given out around the area and stakeouts in where sighting had been reported.
An overnight stakeout was planned but sadly his original owner received a phone call from his new owner to say he’d had a call from northern rail that Gem had been hit by a train and his body had been found.
This was not the news any of us wanted to hear and had communication from the new owner been better it might have been a different outcome!
It just goes to show there are people who don’t understand Manchester Terriers and don’t do their homework before taking one on, breeders can only do so much to ensure their dogs are going to suitable people but you can never really know.
The same team then embarked on a rescue mission of a 2 year old dog, advertised for sale online at a ridiculous price, after one of the team recognised her as a puppy they’d sold to someone else.
After a week of negotiations contacting several parties, the dog was picked up undercover and returned to her original owner. She has stetted back into the pack and slept well that night. She is a bit nervous but will soon find her feet.
A much better result than the previous week. Needless to say they are all emotionally and physically exhausted and hope theres no more adventures in the future!
Its events like these that make you appreciate your Manchester and the community that exists, theres always a group willing to go above and beyond to help people they’ve never met find their MT they’ve never seen.
On to future events…..
With the lockdown being lifted gradually it is hoped that events with your MT can start to take place.
Hopefully Mooches will be able to restart so your dogs can see their pals and you can catch up with your friends!! Keep an eye out in FB pages and the BMTC website.
Hopefully there will be some heats of agility, rally and obreedience held later in the year as I’m sure you are missing taking, I know I am!! There are on line shows taking place all over FB and I believe there are agility shows on there too http://agilityshows.online/
With the BMTC fun weekend being cancelled the committee is planning a virtual summer of fun, thanks to everyone who sent in ideas for activities,, starting on 1st July and continuing throughout the month, there will be lots of different fun competitions plus more serious activities. The BMTC committee are currently putting together a schedule and details will be announced soon, again keep an eye on FB and BMTC website.
The BMTC championship show is still currently going ahead in October and we will update members if this changes!!
Please keep me updated with anything you would like adding.
Have a good week.
Lesley Olbinson

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