20th April- Petworth Mooch, Croates Common

Linda Shaw writes:
Wow, a truly wonderful day with amazingly special friends.
I don’t even know where to start, I’m just bowled over by everything today…perfect walk.
Ann Wadey our sun queen…we’ll that says it all when we have a mooch hosted by this girl; superb location/s and do I so want to move to Petworth!
David Chapman was back in action and we were all made up to see Troy & Anna enjoying the day and Dave a great pair of legs getting around the walks 😉
Well Julie Templeman & Darren Templeman have found the camping site for future visitors to our mooch and oh so elated that Dante’s girlfriend travelled from so afar. Thank you guys for making it and Amber might be hot, but I got a real love for Archie as well😍
So we always love to have new members on our mooches and whilst this gentleman could not come on the walk, he turned up especially to see our beautiful breed at the start. At 80+ he rocked up coz he heard about our mooch just so see our awesome crew. His face blew me away and oh that so made my day, to know we had made someone else’s. A Lancashire Heeler owner who wants to be a part of the British Manchester Terrier Club. Now we all know the close connection of the breeds and just shows that special place we have in our heart for the black & tanned. I look forward to meeting you again Sir.
The walk; the bluebells, oh the bluebells! Boys & girls just seem to be in their element…to dam fast thou for photos but we tried. Linda Walker what would we do without you!
So our newly named Lindy cake by a friend at agility did certainly hit the spot. So who was the little thief you might ask? Pocket Rocket Penny just did full on frontal bounce on my stomach (I must loose some weight🤣) however it did help with recall, not that she ever does anything but make you smile, Amber & Archie did keep rather close to me, and our mascot Anna was a perfect height for the Lindy!
So sorry I have not mentioned everyone’s names but I know you will understand that everyone of your babies means so much to me and has made my day. I see such joy in all your faces and it is the one time I know we have that special bond and special friendship that our b&t bring.
Dante was over the moon with his harem (boys & girls) for his 5th birthday and was the grumpy, but perfectly well behaved boy today. Definitely a thing going between him and some of the girls..your safe my little sweet hearts as he has been done!
Hoping we might have a love match in the future though, but we will wait and see after some further checks and decisions to be made. I will be supporting a puppy cuddle visit if & when agreed!
Boundless energy as ever (Dylan!), and great to see other breeds on our walk…outsiders I think were envious and certainly had a few people asking about the breed today.
Better stop waffling but very hard not to on this day. The awesome pub ‘the cricketers’, food great, company better! And Dante birthday cake! The biggest smile on my face and so surprised. Thank you so much Julie, Daz & Linda. Wasn’t my birthday but my boy, but that has got to be my best every gift to Dante….well I say that and then just opened up his other prezzie and started crying. Oh so many special people & Mannies in my life and don’t know how to express my love…I’m am trying my best now!
Not even got to second walk of the day and welling up to much to finish.
A special day and why would you not want to own one of these little bundles of mayhem?

Thank you, and to the next mooch….always a pleasure and a necessity for my sanity 😊🐾🐾🐾

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