Not much to write about this week folks!!

Sad to see two of next years Championship shows, Manchester and Boston, have already been cancelled, lets’ keep our fingers crossed that Crufts will go ahead although its looking very doubtful!! it will be a real shame if it is cancelled as its a great platform to promote our wonderful breed, aside from the showing, with the breed stand and other competitions we’ve been seeing Manchesters staring and excelling in over the last few years!

I know I’ve been missed doing all the game-fairs and pet shows this year with my two, lots of puppies missing out on this fantastic means of socialising with strangers and other MT’s, I defiantly benefited from joining the pro’s and their impeccably behaved pooches over the years and am praying we can start attending them again soon.

Nice to see some small local groups of MT’s managing to get together for mini Mooches, will be good if we can get theses up and running fully soon, another fantastic way of socialising your dogs and a great chance to chat to like minded people and share knowledge.

Our VSOF is drawing to an end with just the raffle left taking place this week.

I hope you have all enjoyed the variety of events we’ve been putting on for you to try, there’s been great interest from you and some fabulous entries. The prizes will be with you as soon as possible. 

We know the virtual event is not quite the same as the real thing but we hope you all appreciate that the BMTC acts with the health and safety of all our members at the forefront of all the decisions we make. Some clubs have chosen to hold events during this pandemic, that is their decision and hopefully it won’t be detrimental to the continued increase in Covid cases we are seeing across the country. Its’ a tough time for everyone.

I’m sure we are all hoping things can return to some normality in the not too distant future so we can get back to doing the varied activities we ALL miss with our dogs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with anything you’d like to share with everyone.

Have a good week and stay safe!

Lesley Olbinson (carapast)


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