This week I thought it would be nice to get reports from the people who took part in the excitement of crufts, after all this is your notes to fill.

Starting with Garry’s, after his teams, including Onyx, amazing achievement in the fly ball finals:   

Focus Flyball Team qualified with Onyx (Rattustrap Tantalum) for the flyball quarter finals at Crufts, Garry wanted to realise his dream which was to get Onyx to do one clean run on the green carpet.

Focus won their first race against North Lincs Flyball Team which meant that they qualified for the semi finals on the Saturday, all other races on the Thursday were for placing on the day. The next race was against Northants Flyball Team and Onyx got her chance to shine, first leg in and Focus won with Onyx running as dog 4, second leg in and the second dog turned around which cost Focus a little time, Onyx again as dog 4 went in through the start gate behind the large lurched from the opposing team and almost brought home the win but was just beaten by 7/100th’s of a second to the Lurcher. Focus then went on to win the third leg and were the eventual winners of the quarter finals and broke the Crufts record on 2 occasions.

In to the Semi Finals and Focus drew the last years winners and beat them on speed and thus qualifying for the Final on Sunday breaking the Crufts record that they set on the Thursday with a time of 15.20 seconds.

 Final time arrives with nerves on a knife edge and 4 teams battling it out to become Crufts champions. Focus drew the Karmandos team which Onyx used to race with and beat them to secure a place in the next stage of the final which was for first and second. Focus lined up against the Aces flyball team who are current British Flyball Association record holders so we knew that we would be in for a good race, first leg resulted in a dead heat with both teams equalling the Crufts record of 15.20 seconds that Focus set the day before, next leg Focus got beat by 3/100ths of a second and then went on to win the third leg, the fourth leg would be the ultimate decider and Focus were unlucky a there 4th dog grazed it’s stopper pad as it set off and thus the leg was lost, we’re pleased to say that Panik’s stopper pad is fine.

Focus became the runners up and given the standard of racing and the closeness then were very happy with the result. People are quoting that this is the very best flyball final seen at Crufts.

 Now had time to reflect on this years Crufts, I’ve met some lovely people including people from Portugal and Australia who I hope that I can keep in contact with.

Ive had lots of laughs and enjoyed every minute including having a lot of banter with the Crufts commentator and yes some of it was “Min Pin” based.

I’ve had some amazing support and made some new friends with the Manchester Terrier folk who I love and feel quite humbled of the support that they have shown, I’ve never had so many hugs and cuddles and even been asked to have pictures taken with them, thanks to Estella & Phil for letting me own Onyx (Rattustrap Tantalum), love this girl.

One of the best moment for me though is the teamwork and support from Focus, they have all showed faith and support in my little dog Onyx, they have made a dream come true for me which was to run one clean leg on the green carpet, they didn’t let me do it just once they let me do it several times, my little girl didn’t let me down and only faulted once.

The absolute best moment though was being part of the team that finished first in the quarters, 3rd in the semi finals which included breaking the Crufts record 3 times in one day, then come final day they along with Aces put on the best flyball race ever seen at Crufts with both teams having a tie with a time that equalled the Crufts record that we broke the day before, the next leg the race was won by Aces by 3/100th’s of a second, Mouse, Rebel, Bella, Panik and Inka are all amazing dogs and so proud to be able to line up with them.

Well done Aces on your deserved win but the biggest thanks goes to Focus, you’ve brought me to tears on several occasions this weekend.

The biggest thanks goes to my wife Rachael Minnikin who has kept me right over the last 4 days even on the day when she ran her dog.

I think we all can agree that it was exciting to watch, Garry’s passion and dedication is so clearly obvious in what he has achieved with Onyx, a breed most wouldn’t dream of taking on to do such a physical and mental sport. 

I certainly look forward to watching them progress through the years ahead.

For the Manchesters reunited team our captain Jean Walker wrote:

Obreedience 2019

All year long, during 2018 Manchesters Reunited Obreedience team had been working towards the final at Crufts 2019.

Just after Christmas, the news came through that we had qualified, filling us full of excitement and trepidation. And then, on Thus 7th March, at last the big day arrived!

We had worked so hard, practising both team heelwork and the individual exercises in order to prove that although Manchester Terriers are not recognised as an obedience breed we were not going to be there just to make up the numbers.

The Obreedience benches were a sight to behold, festooned with posters of the dogs, bunting, and good luck cards.

Sue’s sister made us the cutest funniest stuffed Manchester Terrier to be our mascot, who we named “Angel”. We made sure she took part when all the teams in their splendid team strips paraded around the ring to introduce us to the crowd.

MRU were first to run in the heelwork round. The team did exceptionally well, and after all ten teams had had their turn, were, to our delight, lying in second place.

The ring surface, although it looked superficially like green carpet, was in fact some type of artificial turf which had a very strange feel. Some of the teams did not cope well with this, so we were particularly pleased that our dogs had.

Then came the individual exercises. Although all of our dogs completed their exercises, some mistakes were made which cost us valuable points. Again, we ran first, but as team after team gained perfect scores, the advantage we had gained in the heelwork round evaporated, and we were out of contention.

The eventual winners were the Cocker Spaniel team, the Covert Cock-ups, who certainly did not cock up, but were as near to perfect as one could hope for.

We were so pleased to get lots of sincere compliments from members of other teams for the parts of the competition we did well, and this has helped spur us on to try to do even better next time!

Team: Jean Walker and Briar, Sue Pinkham and Lexi, Ann Harrison and Sophie,and Chris Harrison and Teal. Reserves Brenda Harrison and Sadie, and Vicki Sharpe and Otto.

Jean Walker (Captain)

I’m looking forward to taking part in the heats through out the year ahead, with my girl Grace, in the hope of qualifying again for next year.

I will have a report from the Talanors team next week.

Ive had an email from Steve Bennett  with information on Redditch ope show:

Manchester Terrier are scheduled With Classes Judging  is John Catlow  at the Redditch Open Show along with the all National Rare and Import Breeds on Saturday 18h May 2019, at The Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore, nr Coventry. CV8 3FL

We have again arranged for this year Overnight camping at the show and at night remaining open for food and drink, further details from the Redditch F.B page or Steve Bennett 07884324430.

Redditch have again further increased the indoor judging area to include the newly refurbished Arena and more classes. As well as Outdoor Judging

This is now the Fifth year and believed the only time in the country that all Rare and Import breeds are shown together on the same day.

This Not just any show, but an event for everyone.

We hope that this is successful as we are already planning next year’s events

I want exhibiters to have a fun and friendly day out making the show a great occasion for everyone.

We do need new people and stewards to help to run this show.

Entries can be made on line with Fosse data. Or schedules can also be obtained from the Secretary Steve Bennett. Steve.bennett@gmx.co.uk 07884324430.

Two mooches took part this week, reports on them next week.

Keep me informed of anything you get up to.

Lesley Olbinson 




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