A long one again this week folks as I missed the deadline last issue!!

30/09/18 After Onyx’s injury I think a very relieved Garry reports:

We took Onyx today to a training seminar run by the fastest flyball team in the world, we didn’t really know as to whether she would be ok or whether she would have confidence issues given her recent collision.

Today she ran in to a Merle border collie that she has never met before and we gave her loads of room with the cross so that she had time to concentrate on the job in hand.

She nailed it and the trainers were impressed with her, one said that her box turn was awesome and one of the best he has seen, the other said we are not far away from an amazing dog, trust me these guys tell it as it is as with their advice I am taking my border collie out for racing for 3 months to do some retraining.

Super pleased with their comments about Onyx.

29/09/18 northern Mooch at Formby.

17 Mannies and Todd the Irish setter took to the sands on a lovely autumnal afternoon at Formby beach once again. As usual their antics and chasing flat out drew lots off positive attention from the public. Not a bad word between them however Kaos was confined to his lead on many occasions due to his amours advances to newby Ruby!!

First Mannie Mooch in Cornwall- Seaton sands 30/09/18

Janet Palmer writes: The first Mannie Mooch in Cornwall got off to a flying start in lovely weather at one of the most dog friendly places yocould ask for at Seaton beach, near Looe in Cornwall. Only just into Cornwall so a reasonable drive down from Devon.

The Mooch was initially suggested by Mike Gumbleton and then I joined him to help organise.

We started off with a lovely Sunday Carvery at the Smugglers Inn which allows dogs anywhere in the pub and some 10 of us and dogs enjoyed a delicious, reasonably priced meal.(Mostly humans for the meal!). We then met the other moochers outside on the green and set off for a wonderful walk along Seaton beach which is all year round dog friendly and always accessible whatever the tide. It is reasonable walking as well.

Present were myself Janet & David Palmer with Lily, Annie and Esme, Lesley Badock, Mike Gumbleton, Sam and Taz with Marvin the Manchester, Arnie his BFF the Jack Russel and Laylah and Teddy who were honorary Mannies for the day. There was Ruth Calversbert with Keeta , Willowe Keeley and Robin with puppy Remy (congratulations on coming the furthest and staying overnight!),Dave Meeks and Penny, Angela & Trevor Norwood with Puppy Elkie, Stephen & Julie Higenbotham with Rosie, Marsha and Dean with Ruby and Marianne Tregonning who joined us as hoping to have her own Manchester in the not too distant future.

All the Mannies were very well behaved and had great fun running around with each other and other dogs they met. A particularly fast and fleet footed french bulldog was having a whale of a time. Also whippets various whata-poos? other terriers and collies all joined in although quite a few were somewhat fazed by so many black and tans!

There were no arguments and poor little Arnie was worn out retrieving the ball for the mannies who would run into the sea after it but not retrieve it! The two pups both had a moment of madness and disappeared in the wrong direction with new found friends and had to be retrieved by their owners but stayed with the pack for the rest of the time. Rosies trick of charging up to me and barrelling into me nearly had me on the floor several times ( I have the bruises!) and Esme could not get over her sister Ruby having an identical bark to her!

At the end of the afternoon a number of us popped into a cafe with all our dogs for a lovely cup of tea and cake (for those not still full from lunch!). I am not sure when they put a sign out saying all dogs welcome whether they envisaged the number of Manchester Terriers that arrived! However we were made very welcome and apart from a bemused bull terrier who got barked at for invading their space an excellent time was had by all.

Everyone who came said they enjoyed the afternoon immensely It has been agreed that we will arrange another Mooch around the festive season when it appears I may have suggested mince pies and mulled wine!

Mooches are not just for the British MT’s!!

Sandy Koster reports on 07/10/18:

Yesterday we had a fabulous day with a Manie mooch at the Soesterduinen in Holland. People from all corners of Holland, Belgium and Germany were there. The location was super with the sanddunes and forest around. The weather could’t be better with 21 degrees and full sunshine. A nice croud of people with their dogs. The dogs had the time of their lives together.

We had a mixed group of dogs. Two puppies of 15 weeks and the eldest was 11 years. I haven’t count this time how many dogs were walking, but think round 20 were there.

I want to thank everybody that came and have enjoyed the walk. Nyssa and I have really enjoyed ourselves.

5-7/10/18 was South Wales kennel association champ show.

Judge MISS RACHEL PEARCE had an entry of just 4 MT’s.





David Greenslade informs me:

On Sunday 8th October Ruby (Utterbygreen Mint Chocolat) gained 2nd place in Terrier Group beating 10 other dogs at The Great Yarmouth  Gorleston and District dog show.

Last weekend was the BMTC championship show which I shall report on in next weeks notes along with various open shows that have been taking place over the last couple of weeks. If anyone has any wins they’d like me to mention drop me a line.

Lesley Olbinson 


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