Beginning this week with a shocking visit to the vets that Dubhglas Gray shared with us;
‘Wayne and I had to take Willow to the out of hours Glasgow University Vet Hospital as she had an infected anal gland. We had to sit in the car and the vet told Wayne that he would call us when she was ready. An hour later and no call. Then three vet nurses came to the car to tell us that Willow had escaped and that the vet was out looking for her! Wayne ran with the nurses and I drove around the streets in the direction she went. The vet hospital is next to one of the busiest dual carriageways in Glasgow. We eventually found her in a garden where people had closed her in and she is safe and well.
We went back to the vet hospital and it seems that Willow had been missing for 45 minutes before they told us and the vet had chased her around to see where she went. Luckily Wayne went to speak to them as I wouldn’t have been as diplomatic as he was.
They say she slipped her half choke collar, which is not the case. He clearly didn’t put it on properly. He couldn’t explain why he didn’t call us to collect her as he had said. A few tears later, we are all home safe and well. They will send us an invoice but will waive the consultation fee! I know what they can do with their invoice but will be writing a huge letter of complaint! Whisky time!’
Just goes to show how quick these dogs can escape from people who don’t understand them, very poor response from the vet though, just relieved it was a positive outcome for them!
On a lighter note, Susan O’boyle reports on south west Mooch Brean beach mooch, 5th September.
‘Lovely day for a walk on the beach. Louise, Tina and my self missed the start, as we got held up on the motor way by an hour, as did a few others. The dogs had a great time, as usual, and it was lovely to meet their owners, got a chat  Elaine House, as she was leaving. We think 23 dogs made it, including one of Carol’s pups Florence, half sister to Merida, you could definitely see a likeness. Frenchie had to finish on her lead as did Bruce, for being bullies, leaving Valentino lost, without back up, until Buster decided to check some little dogs out, and he was suddenly brave again. A few finished the walk in the beach cafe, but we headed back in case the traffic was bad heading home. A good day had by all’.
Last weekend was the East Anglian Beach Mooch. Logi Blair is our reporter for this one:
‘We met on Kessingland beach at 2pm: 20 MTs and their owners and chums including three whippets, a Miniature Pinscher and a lab and of course Dexter!
We walked in glorious sunshine for three hours and stopped for refreshments at a beachside cafe.
Some of the more daring MTs even got their paws wet in the North Sea.
All the dogs were perfect breed ambassadors- can’t say the same for our Whippet, Bert who went AWOL chasing rabbits. Thank goodness for trackers!’
A message from Linda Shaw regarding the upcoming South East Mooch on Cookham Common:
‘With Covid rules we are only able to have 6 people at this event. I have made contact with all as best I can online & on Facebook and have now got a selected few attending. Thank you everyone for being so gracious in pulling out on request. Not a pleasant to have to ask. This is now a closed event.
I think rules are not going to change this side of Christmas and I urge you to arrange more local events to socialise and keep your friends well being at heart. Go to events page on Facebook site and add the details and say it will be restricted to 6 people.
Take care guys and get our Mannies out there and noticed’.
Unfortunately these new restrictions will have an effect on all our mooches so try and get out in smaller groups where possible until they’re lifted again, we don’t want them missing their friends!!
The BMTC VSOF Art competition finished at the weekend, results will be out when this addition is printed, we have some very talented members.
Also the obedience challenge will have drawn to a close leaving just the rally challenge left to still have a go at. There’s been some fantastic videos in both the challenges showing how clever these terriers are!! I hope you’ve all enjoyed having a go at them, its nice to try something new!
This weeks getting to know the committee introduces:
Liz (Hunter) Jones.
1. Where do you live? – Manchester
2. How long have you been a BMTC member? – 5 years
3. What brought you to our breed and how long have you owned an MT? – The hubby mentioned his childhood neighbour had a MT. I had to google them and once I read that they were intelligent, loyal, stunningly good looking, short hair and non-smelling, I was hooked! We have had Hunter for 5 and a half years.
4. What’s your favourite food and drink? – Anything fresh, good quality and tasty. Drinks are morello cherry cordial with lemonade and coffee.
5. What’s your most embarrassing MT moment? – On our local field a PT was doing sprints. Hunter’s predatory chase kicked in and he and his 15 stone Neapolitan Mastiff girlfriend decided to chase him. I think he got his best ever time!
6. What’s your greatest success with your dog/s? – Nothing in showing or activities as we keep a low profile. I feel my greatest success is the amount of training we have done. Hunter has a fantastic recall, doesn’t run off towards other dogs and finds me the most important thing in the world. We have great connection, it is almost like we are telepathic.
7. What bad habits do you have? – Multitasking to the extent I get side tracked. Tidying up automatically and not remembering where I have put things.
8. What’s your favourite BMTC activity/activities? – Taking photographs at our club shows, also at Crufts. Seeing cute puppy pictures appear on the fan page who I have sent associate member welcome packs to. I can then put a face to a name and I feel like I know them and their owners already.
9. If you could change anything in your life past or present then what would that be? – I should have done my accountancy exams when I was 18 when I had the chance.
10. How many dogs do you own and what breeds? – Just the one MT, Hunter. He is my first every dog
11. What do your dogs do that make you smile? – Hunter is really cheeky and attention seeking. I shouldn’t laugh when he steals the tv remote to get my attention but he is just so damn clever!
And  Sonia Owczarek, Sonia has recently been co opted on to the committee and we’re all really pleased that she has accepted the challenge.
1. Where do you live?
Kenilworth, Warwickshire.
2. How long have you been a BMTC member?
About 7 years.
3. What brought you to our breed and how long have you owned an MT?
At the time my partner and I were looking to have a dog. We wanted something that was on the smallish side but a breed that had character, stamina and spirit. (That’s exactly what we got by the way).
On reading a feature in Your Dog magazine (this being in the days before the internet) about the Manchester Terrier written by Bev O’Neil, we contacted Bev, who invited us over to meet her dogs. So we went down to Oxfordshire and met Bev the puppies their sire, dam and grandma.
Bev had homes for all the pups except one, Megellan Yikes. I picked him up for a cuddle, he yawned and promptly fell asleep on my lap. He had me from the word go!
Collected Megellan Yikes (Monty to his chums) on 21 February 1998 and have had Manchester Terriers ever since.
4. What’s your favourite food and drink?
Curry, red wine, champagne and coffee (not all at once mind).
5. What’s your most embarrassing MT moment?
Where do I start! Probably Billy stealing an enormous chew from one of the trade stands at Crufts.
6. What’s your greatest success with your dog/s?
Winning Best Pet Dog and Best Veteran with Billy (Gorau Gruyus Ci) under Judge Eve Kristin Yessen at the Manchester Terrier Happening in 2018. I was in floods of tears, literally.
7. What bad habits do you have?
I worry, about everything, all the time. And if I have nothing to worry about, I worry about not worrying.
8. What’s your favourite BMTC activity/activities?
Doing the breed stands at the game fairs, the mooches and, even though I don’t show, I love going to the BMTC shows and meeting up with friends and seeing so many Manchester Terriers all at once.
9. If you could change anything in your life past or present then what would that be?
What’s the word limit on this section??
Seriously, in hindsight I would have liked to have tried my hand at shown Monty as he matured into a super dog, with a good confirmation that met the breed standard and had a great temperament.
10. How many dogs do you own and what breeds?
Two dogs, Billy and Pixie, both Manchesters.
11. What do your dogs do that make you smile?
Everything. Their dear little faces makes my heart melt and their funny, quirky, Manchester Terrier little ways, like covering themselves up in blankets and having to sit in the sunniest spot.
I hope you enjoyed the mini heatwave but now I believe its going to get more autumnal! it wont be long before your lighting the fire and putting the heating on, not for you of course, for your heat seeking Mancs!!!!
Stay safe and have a good week.
Lesley Olbinson (Carapast)

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