This weeks catch up on 2018 is a round up of that other wonderful MT activity, the Mooch!

The northern division festive mooch took place on the 28th December on Formby beach, which is the date and place the mooch was born 3 years ago!!

It was a bracing one in which 17 crazy MT’s ( and Todd ) spent 2hrs going mental tearing up the beach! We had 3 newbies including the lovely puppy Malmo who enjoyed his first rough and tumble with the older boys. Some of us stopped for coffee and a few nibbles before setting off home.

On the same date the first Welsh mooch took place. Leader Juliet Morris reported:

Today, we Wooched. The first ever Manchester Terrier mooch in Wales. 18 of the critters on Aberavon beach. Lots of first meetings for nephews and nieces, half sisters and half brothers, long lost reunitings of mothers and sons and litter siblings, Olive and Morty. And whilst we compared and contrasted family traits and Manchester peculiarities, the 4-legged folk just got on with tearing up the beach, Manchester-style. Thank you all who came, for your company and your dogs And especially Josie Pearson for your inspired choice of location. It was perfect. And we shall definitely do this again. Watch this space, Woochers.

Linda Walkers report on South East Wobble Mooch – The Ranges 30 Dec

What a way to end 2018 with a fantastic South East Mooch. A few extra calories burnt off for our 17 Mannie’s and their servants.

All black & tans impeccably behaved with of course some M&M…Mannie Mayhem!

Loved the combat gear of Spartacus & Maximus and perfect choice for visiting an MOD site for a walk! Felt like we needed a few soldiers for them to chase. Plenty of chasing to be had thou, and Pocket Rocket Penny still living up to her name with her catching the ball and not letting others get a look in; well did see Dylan romping around for a bit, with Tess picking up the pace near the end of the walk showing her endurance of running with horses. Dante was being the gentleman whilst catching the ball he did give it back to Penny (think he gave up on Penny’s persistence attitude…mine, mine, mine). Loved seeing Keeba enjoying a squeak or two as well.

Elopers from the Kent walks Obe & Flapjack were loving their special treat and did they take to the sand dunes!

Loki with a bouncy in his step was determined to lead the walk and showed us the way many a time with Sheldon trying to keep him in check Also Loki learned very fast how to track down the treats….can feel another Binky coming on.

So many gorgeous eyes looking at me longingly when I bought the livercake out, sure a few of them played that game of juxtaposing to confuse me. Of course I hadn’t already given them a piece! Well extra special eyes by the girls Narla, Binky, Buffy, Daisy & Poppy all got priority.

It still amazes me how Manchesters grow in confidence at these Mooches and Daisy & Poppy it was a delight to seeing you at the front of the que…fabulous year for these 2 girls! Hopefully we can build Zeus in confidence over 2019, what an endearing pup he is.

So lots of running in fields, sand dunes and woods, what more could any Manchester Terrier want? Dante is whispering to me from under the throw ‘lots more for 2019!’ Little does my boy know that more adventures are on the way….check out BMTC website events page!

Happy New Year Moochers!

Judy Thurlow reports on east Anglican Mooch:

Today we gathered for our last Mooch of the year to walk off some of our Christmas over-indulgences, starting in Dedham village we trekked across grazing lands to Flatford Mill (where Constable painted his Haywain) where we stopped for coffee and cake, and back, a circular walk of 4 1/2 miles.

18 Manchesters and 4 honoraries had a fab time chasing and playing most of the way. Young Leonard at only 16 weeks held his own in play and had a wail of a time, bet he sleeps well tonight!! It didn’t take long for the dogs to realise that Sandra was their favourite target for treats, every time she put a hand anywhere near a pocket she was surrounded! Must have had the most yummy ones!!

As usual they were admired by everyone we met, well we would, wouldnt we, with so many gorgeous Manchesters with us!!

Happy New Year, looking forward to many Mooches in 2019

Janet Palmer reporting on the South West Festive Mooch:

A lovely mooch today at Seaton. Starting with 12 of us having a lovely roast at The Smugglers followed by a leisurely walk along the beach. We Janet Palmer & David Egloshayle Palmer had Annie,Esme & Lily, Mike Gumbleton, Lesley Badock and Sam with Marvin, Arnie,Teddy and Layla. David Meek with Penny & Missy (the 18 year old Yorkie!).Angela & Trevor with Elkie. Julie Heginbotham and Steven with Rosie. Tom Pyne and Sue with Jack & Jessie(the Viszla). Ruth Calvert-Smith with Kita and Emma Louise Bruce with Ed and Teddy the Mannie ( after a slight detour to the Devon Seaton!).Both owners and dogs behaved and the Mannies got to play with everything from a Pug to a Greyhound. There were loads of dogs on the beach and not a cross word. Annie even learnt how to bring a ball back! Finished up with a coffee and everyone man,woman and dog seemed to enjoy themselves. Next one in the planning. See you all soon! Happy New Year!!

Think I can safely say that the Mooch has become an exceptionally popular even, lets face it only a Manchester truly knows how to play with one of its own kind, I’ve seen many a dog bewildered by their zoomies and noisy play fighting! There are now seven groups set up around the country, check out your nearest on on the BMTC website and if there isn’t one in your area why not get a few of you together and creat your own!!

Lastly my girlie Grace had her first go at Rally competitions on 29/12/18 and I was very proud of her qualifying level one, beauty and brains are possible.

That’s all for 2018, hope I haven’t missed anything out, please let me know if there’s something you would like including in future issues. There’s some exciting news in next weeks issue!!

Lesley Olbinson leoolbie@yahoo.co.uk

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