The KC Breed Records Supplement (BX3) dropped through my door a few days ago, noticeably much thinner than usual. Reading the accompanying letter this edition was compiled a month earlier due to the upgrading of their systems (which have caused many a discussion!) Only registrations for July and August are included and the final KC BRS of 2020 will contain September – December registrations, to be issued as normal in the February. Sadly only one litter of Manchesters is recorded containing a singleton puppy. Knowing there have been a good few litters recently born, the next addition should be much more positive for the breed.

I have been sent the following announcement from the BMTC Health Committee:

The British Manchester Terrier Club’s Health Committee have been speaking with veterinary health professionals and the KC to explore avenues which will hopefully lead to the solution of a very distressing renal failure problem in the Manchester Terrier. 

Further to this the University of Liverpool will be working with the BMTC to undertake research to investigate renal disease in young dogs. For a breed with relatively low numbers, a comparatively high number of younger dogs (<7 years) have been reported to have died from renal failure. The first phase of research will consist of a cross-sectional questionnaire study to explore risk factors, environmental and genetic which may be associated with renal failure.  The questionnaire will be distributed to all members of the BMTC and Manchester Terrier Fan page (BMTC Facebook group). All owners will be asked to participate. The results should give an indication of the numbers of animals affected and highlight risk factors associated with disease. Furthermore, such results should highlight further areas to investigate around renal failure with the desired outcome being a diagnostic test. Clearly with a vulnerable breed such research is crucial to ensuring the continuity of the breed and ensuring the health and welfare of future generations. All participation will remain confidential and more information will be issued in the very near future.

The HC recently conducted the following small study. Three blood samples from clinically diagnosed renal failure Manchester Terriers displaying typical symptoms reported in other Manchesters were submitted to a KC recognised laboratory and tested against two genetic renal diseases affecting other Terrier breeds. These being Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) in the Bull Terrier and Protein Losing Nephropathy (PLN) in the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. The results returned were N/N in all tests meaning the three MT’s are genetically clear of these diseases and highly unlikely this is the problem found in MT’s.

I have witnessed The BMTC HC receiving unsubstantiated criticism over the last 5 years, they give their time freely, working behind the scenes, investigating issues that could impact the future of the Manchester terrier. It’s in ever owners interest to support them and help with securing our wonderful breeds future.

On a lighter note:

Our BMTC VSOF online Limit show concluded last weekend.

Our judge Christy Straughan had some tough choices to make from the 12 classes, with some lovely examples of our fabulous breed.

Her main winners were: BD & BIS was Louise Plants Bruce. BB & RBIS was Doreen Barlows Izzy. BPIS was Jean Walkers Pixie. RBPIS was Gill Knights Neo.

BVIS was Bethany Cawleys Marvin & RBVIS was Gill Knights girl. I will put the KC names in next weeks edition.

Congratulations to you all and the class winners too. You know you have the best dogs regardless of their placing. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and make the show a success! Hopefully we will be able to hold the real thing again in 2021 as I know I miss the banter and my friends from the shows!!!

The competition of the VSOF are now complete so now i just have the task of adding all the points up from over the event to announce our BMTC VSOF overall winner! Keep an eye on the FB page for announcements. 

All prizes will be dispatched to the winners over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again to all who have taken part and made the event a success.

Lesley olbinson (Carapast)


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