As promised I am starting these notes with reports from last weekends mooches:

Tilford Mannie Mooch – Saturday 2nd March

Well what a turn up for the South East Mooch, with I believe 20 Mannie’s (plus friends) and a perfect location that I am sure we will be going back to.

Fleur Evans and Candise Shaw kindly hosted the walk and found us a lovely pub the Barley Mow which was much needed after a good romp in heathland, woods, and some open spaces.

We had some newbies to the walk and also quite a few that hadn’t been for a while. There is no way I am going to remember all names, so all I can tell you is they all had lots of fun and enjoyed finding new and old playmates.

We had a couple of the oldies getting a little confused, but we soon had them back in the fold with our usual great group of owners looking out for after each others dogs.

Livercake on hand kept them entertaining and I got my usual loving attention because of it!

I saw quite a few romances going on, but I a dammed if I could keep up with it all!

What can I say but thank you guys for making me have a great start to my birthday weekend. All so dogs so well behaving, quite a bit of interest from the children in the car park and some walks….quite a sight seeing our beauties.

Only a few photo’s as I was being kept so very entertaining.

Sure your babies are all fasto at the moment and under the blankies where they should be!


03/03/19 Northern Mooch on a windy wet Formby beech:

So 9 ‘ard Manchester’s, Todd and their humans had a wet and breezy stroll along Formby beach today, there were a few tantrums, mostly from Grace, not sure if it was hormones or lack of playmates but all survived and am sure, like mine, all slept the afternoon away!! Hoping for nicer weather for the next one-off 17/03/19!!

Now for the fabulous news from a little show called Crufts!!

I am just going to do a shortish summery this week as my head is still buzzing from all that went on over the four days!!!

Thursday 7th the Manchester’s were represented by our obreediance team Manchesters Reunited. They did an absolutely amazing job for a newly formed team and were in 2nd place after the heal work. In the individual section Sue Pinkham with Lexi did the send to bed, Ann Harrison with Sophie did the recall/ stop, Chris Harrison with Teal did the retrieve and Jean Walker with Briar did the scent. A few points were dropped meaning they finished overall in 9th place which is no disappointment as there were only 2 points separating them from the 2nd place team!! Looking forward to working with the team to qualify for next year.

Also on the Thursday team Focus were racing in the flyball quarter finals, the team which includes the pocket Rocket Onyx, owned by Garry and Racheal Minnikin, flew through to the semi finals to gain their place in Saturdays semi’s setting a new record time!

The MT’s were also represented in the venerable Breed stakes final by Kevin Carters Alfie, handled by Mick Oxley, who made it to the final cut of a very strong line up.

Friday 8th Team Talanors took to the main arena taking part in the breeders stakes finals. Will get a report from Gill Knight for next weeks notes on this one.

Saturday 9th was terrier day. We were in first at 9am so another early start to the day. There was a fabulous friendly atmosphere around the ring with the principle winners under breed specialists judge Nigel Norris were:

DCC & BOB Black Idols Brad Pit. Brenciani Mrs P

BCC Rattustrap bitter and twisted. Dale,Saxton & Emrick Mr P Miss B Miss EA & Mrs J

RBCC Rattustrap Citra at Carapast. Miss Olbinson & Kelly Miss L & Miss M

BP Mimbre it notti Nora at Ceebee. Bynam misses C & JA

BV CH Egloshayle Sea Lily. Palmer Mr D & Mrs J

On a personal note I was rather pleased, as captured on photo and video, with my girlie gaining her 1st RCC.

That afternoon Focus were in Acton again in the semi finals of the flyball and did a cracking job of winning their heat to make it to the finals!

Sunday 10th was the big day for Focus they had a long wait until the afternoon but came out all guns blazing and won their first heat taking them to the decider for 1ST and 2ND place. They couldn’t ask anymore from their incredible team and finished 2nd overall, a truly unforgettable experience for them all and all of us watching them over the 3 days. 

I will have reports from the teams who took part over the four day in next week report.

Off to pack my car and head home for a rest before work tomorrow!

Lesley Olbinson 


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