Hope you all enjoyed the nice weather last week, I know it’s been very changeable this week so far, the south east mooch had to be cancelled due to extremely hot weather on Sunday!! 

The previous weekend featured a lovely Northern Mooch on a sunny but not too hot, Formby Beach for a late afternoon stroll. 24 Mts, 2 whippets and Todd drew lots of attention from passers by as the chased each other and had a fab time, was also great for their owners to catch up, social distancing observed, with each other!!!!

This weeks get to know your committee features our treasurer Ann Harrison: 

1. Where do you live? – Astbury Cheshire.

2. How long have you been a BMTC member? – 23 years

3. What brought you to our breed and how long have you owned an MT? – 23 years. I had lurchers and Chris had JRs. We saw an MT run away with the Terrier Racing at Chatsworth Country Fair and knew that we had to have one.

4. What’s your favourite food and drink? – Depends on the hour! Food too many to list, drink Tea, Cider, Malt Whisky, Gin, Fizz.

5. What’s your most embarrassing MT moment? – Ash falling in lust with the Obedience Judge. Three times, and it will happen again.

6. What’s your greatest success with your dog/s? – Teaching all 3 of our dogs to do a proper formal retrieve. There was a photo in the BMTC Yearbook when we first joined of an MT posing with a dumbbell in its mouth – that seemed like an impossible dream to me then. But we got there.

7. What bad habits do you have? – Annoying the husband

8. What’s your favourite BMTC activity/activities? – Racing

9. If you could change anything in your life past or present then what would that be? – More hours in the day and more days in the week please.

10. How many dogs do you own and what breeds? – 3 MTs

11. What do your dogs do that make you smile? – Being themselves.

And also our assistant secretary Carol Dunford:

1. Where do you live? – South Lakes

2. How long have you been a BMTC member? – 19 years

3. What brought you to our breed and how long have you owned an MT? – I was looking for a short coated breed that could walk the hills and be a good house dog.

4. What’s your favourite food and drink? – Wine – Sauterne, spirits – Drambuie, food – a good roast dinner all the trimmings

5. What’s your most embarrassing MT moment? – Being tripped up by Polly near the prom and falling flat on my face in the dead leaves and mud by the side of the wall, everyone rushed to help me up but I had really hurt myself and felt faint, and insisted I stay in the mud until that passed.

6. What bad habits do you have? – Ray says I talk too much!

7. Whats your favourite BMTC activity/activities? – Showing and walks

8. If you could change anything in your life past or present then what would that be? – I wish I had not gone to the dentist who ruined my teeth when I was 21yrs

9. How many dogs do you own and what breeds? – 2 Manchesters and 1 King Charles Spaniel

10. What do your dogs do that make you smile? – Bertie jumping up repeatedly for his meals very athletically at 11+yrs, Polly hidden under blankets so you cannot find her, Dickie the KCS special bark to tell me to come and help him get the toy he wants out of the box.

The BMTC VSOF held an online auction over the last couple of weeks with some fantastic dog and non dog items up to bid for. Thanks to Dianne Church for organising and running this event, she wrote:

I’ve just braved the post office, so the last auction items are on their way!

“A big thank you to everyone who placed a bid, you were all very generous and you kept me on my toes with all of the last minute bidding.

Thanks also to everyone who donated especially David Palmer who donated some fabulous MT items. 

Watch this space as we will soon announce how much we have raised for “Friends of the British Manchester Terrier”!!”

I’m super thrilled to announce that the auction raised a fantastic £692!! Thanks to everyone who took part and bid, especially the lucky winners!

Friends of the British Manchester Terrier is the name of our breed welfare, it is there to support those dogs that fall on genuine hard times.

Please contact Martin Kirkbride or the Club Secretary for more information or if you need help.

Watch out for the raffle which will be taking place soon……..

The MT’s Got talent was also a great success with some amazing talent entered, goes to show you can teach an MT to do a multitude of activities if you put the time and patience, into training them!!!

The autumn photo competition is now underway, we’ve had some beautiful photos in so far, don’t forget the best will claim a place in next years BMTC calendar and also entrants can gain points on the leaderboard which is running throughout the VSOF!! 

All competitions will be scored on the leaderboard to determine the overall winners of the VSOF, at the end of August, when all prizes will be posted out to all the winners of each event that has taken place. 

Pop up quizzes are also appearing for a bit of fun so head over to the FB page to have a go!!

With shows and competitions continually being cancelled it’s great to see many owners taking part in online events. MT’s have been getting some good results and lovely rosettes in these fun shows. Christy Straughan has had great results and my own Mr Darcy won a best in show winning 2 huge rosettes and a trophy!!

Whilst great to enter they don’t have the same atmosphere as a real show and I’m sure many of you are missing the friends and laughs you have at these occasions. With only Bournmouth left un cancelled it looks like we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that the shows will recommence in the new year!!

Its good to hear some people are getting back to training and small outdoor activities, I know my girl has been missing her training pals.

Stay safe and don’t forget to forward anything you would like including in my notes!

Lesley Olbinson ( Carapast )


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