Just a short one this week as not that much going on in the world of MTs outside their homes!!!
Judy Thurlow has been keeping her puppy busy whilst on lockdown:

Puppy Tilda, Erkenwyne Silver Seraph, was working hard at learning all about life when all of a sudden due to Covid-19 she wasn’t allowed to go to classes any more, romp with her doggy friends or give kisses to all her human friends. Life came to a grinding halt!! So she concentrated on learning different skills.
At 12 weeks old we submitted a video of 15 skills which she had perfected. This was scrutinised by an assessor who passed it with flying colours!! This earned Tilda her Novice Trick Dog Title!! She has already started working on the next level!!
Well done Tilda and Judy, hope by the time you get this you have fully recovered!!
I’m sure lots of you are learning new things to keep your pooches occupied whilst you’re at home so please feel free to email me anything of interest to put in the notes whilst we remain on lockdown.
Hope you all had a pleasant Easter, was a very strange one for me as usually involved a lot with church over the holy season!!!
Stay safe and sane everyone!!
Lesley Olbinson

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