Apologies for the missed weeks notes, hopefully over the next few weeks I will include everything that’s been going on over the festive season.

I hope you and your 4 legged families have had a lovely time and there’s not been too many visits to vets with greedy MT’s!

16th December was terrier day at LKA, held at the NEC Birmingham.

As the last show of the year it is always a lovely occasion with a nice atmosphere.

Our judge was Janet Palmer. This was her first championship show giving CC’s and she had a great entry of 37 dogs.

Her principal winners were:

BEST OF BREED : DALE, Mr P & Miss B & SAXTON, Miss E A & EMRICK Ch Rattustrap Bitter’n Twisted (ai)

Dog CC : CARTER Mr K Ch Digelsa Declaration

Res Dog CC : SPAIN Mrs A & Mr L Talanors Diamond Tornado

Bitch CC : DALE, Mr P & Miss B & SAXTON, Miss E A & EMRICK Ch Rattustrap Bitter’n Twisted (ai)

Res Bitch CC : GOODWIN Mr & Mrs A & J A Digelsa Date Night At Holtaire

Best Puppy : BOOT Mr C Harliboo Word Gets Around

Best Veteran : DUNFORD, Mrs C & AKRIGG, Mrs C & WALTON Mrs R Ch NL Ch Quixol Alexander.

Janet presented all class winners with a lovely print of an MT and the main winners with a fantastic framed print which most appreciated. You cannot always please everyone when judging!!

As always, once the showing was completed, exhibitors and their families all joined in a lovely buffet which provided a great chance to chat and enjoy each other’s company. Our obedience teams were also taking part and other MT’s also doing rally on the day.

A lovely report on our flyball rocket Onyx by her owner Garry:

Onyx – Rattustrap Tantalum 2018 flyball Season.

Apologies for the lengthy post.

2018 has in flyball terms concluded now and Onyx has had her fair share of ups and downs, I was told once by a dog trainer that competes in flyball that I would never get a Manchester to do flyball, well this year has put that myth to rest and we are now starting to see some interest in the breed within the sport of flyball.

We have seen some amazing support by both Onyx’s breeder Estella Phil but also the MT family and this in turn has given us the inspiration and boost that has been very much needed at times.

Onyx started the 2018 season very hit and miss, sometimes she would bring the ball back and other times she would just turn on the flyball box and leave her ball.

As the season went on she improved and grew in confidence and became a pleasure to run.

I have always dreamt of running a dog in Division 1 at a flyball championship and this year Focus Flyball team with Onyx as the height dog realised that dream for me, we qualified in Division 1 and finished 5th at the Indoor Championships, job done of realisng my dream or so I thought but a week later we attended the Outdoor Championships at Catton Hall and Focus Flyball went through the speed trials at that Championships as the fastest team and thus qualified in first place in the Division 1 seedings, we went in to the first race and won and then in to the second race and won that too, the next race Onyx’s little head couldnt cope with the atmosphere and crowd around the ring and decided that she no longer wanted to play and we lost that race but all was not lost as to be eliminated then you need to be beaten twice so we were in to the final anyway, in the final we had a change of height dog due to Onyx struggling with the atmosphere and Inka stepped up to the role with style, the final was best of 5 legs so the first team to win 3 legs was the winner, it was 2 wins each and the 5th leg was the deciding leg of which we lost but that’s racing and ok we didnt finish as British Champions but as runners up which was an amazing result.

Some 2 weeks later we attended the Crufts qualifying heats of which the top 2 teams go through to Crufts of which Focus finished first and second and Onyx had her own little fan club around the ring cheering her on.

Towards the end of September there was a tournament at Newark which was full of highs and lows for us, Estella came to support us as she has done on several times through the course of the year. Focus with Onyx as height dog set a new club record of 15.26 seconds which meant they were and still are the 3rd fastest team in the UK for the year and there has been in the region of 600 teams raced this year, the same tournament saw Onyx and Panik take a nasty collision which in turn meant the team could race no more that day, we’re pleased to say that neither dog received any major injury but there was some lameness showing with both dogs, after physio and a lot of TLC both dogs have recovered well, Onyx has lost a little confidence but is starting to improve and we won’t be too long before we get her back to her full potential.

What have I taken from the 2018 season, Manchester’s can and are an awesome little dog and with the correct training and a lot of patience then anything can be achieved and secondly follow your dream even when others tell you it can’t be achieved.

Thanks everyone for your support in 2018 but thanks to Estella Phil for your support and entrusting us with a special little girl.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

I popped over to watch Garry and his team training at Lincoln show in December and can sincerely say there is a lot of hard work that goes into training a dog to do flyball and I can imagine it’s 100% more intense to train an MT so a truly fantastic achievement by all the team to stick with it an create the star that is Onyx!! Looking forward to seeing them at crufts!

Talking of crufts, our Obrediance teams, The Rat Catchers and the newly formed Manchester’s reunited ( which I am proud to say myself and Grace are lucky to be part of ) competed throughout 2018 with some fantastic results.

This year it will be MRU strutting their stuff in the finals at crufts!!

More on both of these nearer to Crufts but these are just two other activities that show the versatility of our wonderful breed along with many MT’s taking part in agility and rally all over the country, both greatly growing in popularity.

Another activity that has really taken off if the Manchester Mooch!! I shall report on these in next weeks notes!

Please remember to let me know of anything at all you would like including in the notes.

Have a good week.

Lesley Olbinson


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