Manchester Terrier 05/06/2020

This is just my third week of writing these notes after been approached by Our Dogs and I am delighted with all the positive feedback so far. However if there is something you want me to highlight, just drop me a line.

It is warming to see the Corona affected numbers reducing and things returning slowly nearer ‘normal’. Again this week we have had even more restrictions been lifted by the Government and Facebook pages show that some shows throughout Europe are been planned, it will be interesting to see what control measures are in place for these, what the attendance figures are like and in general how they go on. All positive stuff none the less.

AS I write these notes, we are still awaiting a decision on Bournemouth Champ show and I do understand that Blackpool are rearranging again for later in the year, fingers crossed we may get a couple of Champ shows by the year end.

I am pleased to let you know that a new name has been agreed for the JCF – it will now be called the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows). This format will also be rolled out to the other activity disciplines that the KC caters for. For more info see the Press Release here: https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/press-releases/2020/june/judges-competency-framework-to-be-known-as-judges-education-programme-breed-shows/

I had the honour this week of judging an online dog show, what an entry, nearly 3000 dogs entered from all around the world, biggest class had 300+ puppies in it. Great fun for everyone and I thoroughly enjoyed it with some great photos of wonderful specimens of their breeds. A lot now seem to be taking an interest in these, with more specialist shows been advertised. One that is due to close anytime is the ‘ETT and Manchester Terrier Show’ open to all, on facebook and a monthly competition is held.

Also for information and keeping up to date with all the shows, a FB page has been opened called ‘Manchester Terrier Show Dates & Information’ hopefully all will be able to input, feel free to add schedules, details of shows, etc This will hopefully make shows more visible and may encourage entries to shows that potential exhibitors were not already aware of.

Looking back at some old show results, twenty years ago 😊 It would appear that from this selection that the entry numbers are not much different than they are today.

Windsor (Year: 2000. No CC’s. Entry 16/2abs) Judge Jane Lilley.

Best Dog : Mr & Mrs G S & Ms E KIRSOPP Gemale Touch of Magic
Res Best Dog : Mrs L M WEAKLEY Sophyla Seal of Approval
Best Bitch : Mr & Mrs B J EVANS Ch Twisel Devon Dawn
Res Best Bitch : Miss N L de LAVIS-TRAFFORD Tyburn Berenice
Best Puppy : Mrs J J & Miss S K MANN Tyburn Demeter
BEST OF BREED : Mr & Mrs B J EVANS Ch Twisel Devon Dawn

Richmond (Year 2000. CC’s. Entry 22/6abs) Judge Mrs D Richmond.

Dog CC : Mr & Mrs N H & Mr W H NORRIS Ch Brookstream Beamish
Res Dog CC : Mr R & Mrs J PYNE Ch Arachne Charlatan
Bitch CC : Ms P M STUBBINGTON Galchris Princess Leia at Calot
Res Bitch CC : Mrs S F & Miss M J CLIFTON Aireworth Tudor Venture of Gloryline
Best Puppy : Mr G LEWIS Eaglespur Noble Archer
BEST OF BREED : Mr & Mrs N H & Mr W H NORRIS Ch Brookstream Beamish

Leeds (Year 2020. CC’s. Entry 37/0 abs) Judge Michael Quinney

Dog CC : Mr R & Mrs J PYNE Ch Arachne Charlatan
Res Dog CC : Mr & Mrs N H & Mr W H NORRIS Ch Brookstream Beamish
Bitch CC : Mr R & Mrs C DUNFORD Ch Quixol Bryony
Res Bitch CC : Mr R & Mrs C DUNFORD Quixol Blue Velvet
BEST OF BREED : Mr R & Mrs J PYNE Ch Arachne Charlatan

This week the questions fell to Mick Oxley to provide the answers …

Just a Manchester…

  1. When did you first become involved in Manchesters? 1979.
  2. Why Manchesters?  I started in Dobermann’s and at a local show met a famous old

Terrier chap called George Candling. He became my mentor and I purchased one

from him in 1980.

  1. Do you currently own any Manchesters, and if so how many? Two
  2. Do you have any other dogs? No.
  3. If you breed what do you consider the most important factors when considering a

potential litter? Breed type and temperament.

  1. Who would you consider as your mentor in the early days? George Candling.
  2. When did you start showing and was your first breed Manchesters? 1979 Dobermann’s.
  3. When did you accept your first judging appointment? 1983 Dobermann’s
  4. How many times have you awarded CC’s 15 ?
  5. Do you judge other breeds? All Terrier Breeds
  6. Who are your favourite Manchesters from the past that (1) you owned yourself and

(2) that belonged to another person?  1) Ch Digelsa Don The One, Ch

Double Entendre, Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu, Ch Digelsa Declaration as show dogs.

Digelsa Dynasty and Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu as brood bitches.

2) Ch Black Prince of Eaglespur at Manterr, Prioryhill Baronet and Ch Keyline


  1. If you exhibit your Manchesters how many shows do you exhibit at per year – or do

you show selectively under judges because you value their opinion? I take my

chance with all of them, excepting just a few who may like to make a point.

  1. What are your greatest achievements in the show ring? To have owned, bred and

campaigned three Breed record holders.

  1. What are your greatest achievements outside of dogs? I have raised two lovely

girls and have some adorable grand children, raised a lot of money for charity, been successful in cricket, both batting and “quick” seam bowling, showing chrysanthemums and dahlia’s. My downfall is that I try to be a perfectionist and have to work hard at everything I do.

  1. If you could offer advice to anyone showing or breeding Manchesters what would itbe?  Do your apprenticeship. Watch, ask questions and listen to the successful people who have been in the breed for a long time. That’s what I did. They have been there and probably did the same in their early days and can help you to avoid the mistakes they made.

Mick Oxley – Digelsa

Standard Corner

Head and Skull : Long skull, flat and narrow, level and wedge-shaped, without showing cheek muscles, well filled up under eyes, with tapering tight-lipped mouth.

I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: mwalshaw.janmark@gmail.com / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.


Mark Walshaw JANMARK


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