Obtaining a Manchester Terrier

We hope our web site has helped you decide if this is the dog for you.  Adding a Manchester Terrier to your family is a long term commitment and should not be taken on lightly.  

Before finally deciding we strongly recommend you meet some adult dogs. Our 'News & Events' pages lists numerous events and dog shows where you should be able to meet and greet the breed.  

Alternatively our care advisors may be able to put you in touch with a local Manchester Terrier owner.


İMr Urry

For details of any members with litter/puppies
please call Mrs Bev O'Neill
01993 868601

İAndrew Woodfin

Manchester Terriers are rarely available 'off the shelf'. Puppies are normally bred as part of a long term program and not as a commercial venture or for speculative sale. Reputable breeders are all members of the British Manchester Terrier Club. Generally their dogs are family pets first and Show Dogs second, so puppies will be born in a home environment. In most cases the father of the puppies will be owned by someone else, so will not live with the mother.


All reputable breeders will have registered the puppies with the Kennel Club, and will supply you with the relevant documentation, which includes a Pedigree Certificate, Registration Papers, Transfer Papers, Application for Membership of the British Manchester Terrier Club and Puppy Insurance details. They will also provide you with a Diet Sheet, giving feeding details from eight weeks to the adult dog. You can reasonably expect to receive written information on how to raise and train your Manchester Terrier puppy. All reputable breeders will freely offer advice and guidance on keeping your dog healthy and happy. BMTC Members can also contact the Club's Care Advisors, who are experienced Manchester Terrier owners. In the event of you being unable to keep the dog for any reason reputable breeders will also insist you contact them first to help you find a suitable new home.

To obtain a puppy you can contact Mrs Bev O Neill 01993 868601  to find current puppies available alternatively you can contact a breeder and book one from a future litter. In any case you will need to demonstrate to the breeder that you are able to provide a suitable home for the life of the dog. 

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The Club only holds information on Manchester Terriers and is unable to advise on other breeds.

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İAndrew Woodfin

İM McFadden

Chloe, Tess and Bob
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