Manchester Terrier Mooch

For many of us it is very rare to meet another Manchester Terrier (MT) on our walks. These group-walks (Mooches) were set-up to encourage Manchesters and their owners to meet and socialise with others and have fun.

They also enable owners and those wanting to know more about MTs to meet with likeminded people who are very happy to share their knowledge and experience of our wonderful breed. Other breeds are welcome to join us on our Mooches.

Some group walks are well established and others are in the early stages of being set-up. Forthcoming mooches are advertised in the Mooch Links and Mooch News below.

More about Mooches

The Northern division has had a number of successful Mooches on Formby beach, L37 1LJ, with varied numbers of Manchesters in attendance; the record is 39. After the Mooch we convene in the car park for refreshments and a chat before we take our exhausted pooches home.
For more information about forthcoming walks contact: Lesley Olbinson E:

South East
The South East has walks at different locations and is always open to suggestions for new places to explore. The numbers attending are gradually growing, the current record is 14 MTs.
For more information about forthcoming walks contact Linda Shaw M: 07776 303735.

South West
The South West mooch is on Berrow Beach, Somerset, TA8 2QX. The numbers attending are gradually growing, the current record is 10 MTs.
For more information about forthcoming walks contact Jill Buxton

Warwickshire & Midlands
The Warwickshire and Midlands first mooch in Kenilworth was a resounding success with 19 dogs in attendance. Further walks are planned in this and other locations and the group is open to suggestions.
For more information about forthcoming walks or with suggestions contact Sonia Owczarek M: 07525 630164

Mooch Links

British Manchester Terrier Fan Page
BMTC Manchester Mooching (northern Division)

Manchester Terrier Moochers - Warwickshire & Midlands

Photo Gallery

Northern Manchester Terrier Mooch

Northern Manchester Terrier Mooch

Northern Manchester Terrier Mooch

Northern Manchester Terrier Mooch

South East - photos Linda Walker

Manchester Terrier Mooch SE

Manchester Terrier Mooch SE

Manchester Terrier Mooch SE

Manchester Terrier Mooch SE

Club Contact
For more information about Manchester Terriers and planned Mooches contact:

Lesley Olbinson
M: 07989 154386

Mooch News

ALERT!! Due to the lack of alternative suggestions the next East Anglian Mooch will take place on Sunday 27th August at 10.30 at Thetford Forest again. (St Helens picnic site -Santon Downham). Hopefully the weather will be kind to us. Sorry about the short notice 🙂 Please indicate if you can come so we don’t set off without you. Jeanette.

South East Manchester Mooch – Ash Ranges – GU12 5HA
Saturday 9th September at 9:30am.
The Swan Pub, 2 Hutton Road, Ash Vale, GU12 5HA

I hope we have a few who can make it to our South East Mooch in September. This is a fabulous walk on MOD site which has grass land, heathland, woods & Sand dunes. A few hilly spots and great for photos if the weather is nice. If the red flag is up we will divert to our great back up spot 6 mins away. So make sure you let me know if coming along. Of course those interested in our Mannie breed are welcome & other dogs welcome.
So the plan; meet at 9:30 at Swan Pub car park, Mannie Mayhem, pub lunch or drink after. Dogs allowed inside in certain area or covered area outside. Owner owns Dobi’s so she is well in with our B&T’s 😊
We can even do a trip later to Roker’s which is a great place for doggie stuff! Doggy heaven when they go down the treat aisle😁


Northern division:

Hi moochers, our next one will be on 27th August in a slightly different place to avoid school holiday mayhem on the beach!!!!!
Daniel Lasko has recommended marbury park. There is a 1 1/2 – 2hr walk which can finish at Car park 30seconds from pub. Meet at 12.00.

Car park details:
Anderson boat lift, Lift Ln, Anderton, Northwich CW9 6FW (pay and display couple £’s)

Northern mooch 25th June 2017h

A Most successful northern Manchester mooch on a rather wet Formby beach, not the weather, that was quite pleasant, the sea was in!! Didn’t stop 43 ( at least as lost track of some ) mini raptors having a fabulous time chasing each other in the area available, thankfully the sea had gone out quite a bit on the way back!!! Great to see more first timers and wonderful to see them all getting on so well as always!

Cobham Woods Mannie Mooch – 24th June

Another successful Manchester Mooch in a new location of lovely fields & woodland.
Perfect weather for the boys, girls & owners. Thank you Sarah Turner for leading the mooch.
So new friends made and every dog off the lead and getting on like a house on fire. Lovely to have a last minute joiner Janet Benton who I hope enjoyed her time out & her Mannie fix.
Corrie & Lulu looking great & not lost their stealth & sneakiness for nicking treats; such charming princesses that how could we refuse them. Lola, Baxter & Skipper took no time settling in with new friends; it’s amazing how quickly and at easy once they are off lead and the balls and treats are flowing 😆
Today their was definite love in the air; Dante & Ellie were all over each other and if they were humans I think the phrase would of been ‘get a room!’ Thankfully living in an open society the group were very accepting of Dexter & Dante’s male bonding which does not seemed to have cooled off since last walk!
Dylan looking really well after his op and looked delighted to be running riot with the group. The op seems to have done the trick with Dexter & Dylan being able to be off lead at same time😊
We were honoured with having our very own gold award winning obedience citizen Blinky on the walk. Well done Simon & love her additional protective skills at the pub of guarding table, food & owner😆
Rocket Pocket Penny still lives up to her name by out running them all for the ball & attaching herself to any leg of an owner who was willing to throw it. Sheldon her yang was as gorgeous as ever and taking everything in his stride. Those soulful eyes that hypnosis you….’please can I have a treat, I am so hungry!’; works every time with me😆

Thank you again for your company. We have a few requests for walks and i will post one soon. My heart does have to go out for owner Nick John Vernon who’s boy Jack is 4 years and not seen another Mannie. What do you think guys to the next one South Dorset/Hampshire boarder?

South Mannie Mooch – 12th August

Meeting time: 11.30am Location The Gallops, Beckhampton Stables, SN8 1QR This walk is in the middle of no where, so postcode is your guide & it is the A4 at Beckhampton Stables. This is a lovely new location which Marie Goodchild has kindly offered to lead. This farmland walk will be between 1-2 hours, hilly […]

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East Anglian Manchester Mooch – Saturday 24th June 2017 at 10.30

The first East Anglian Manchester Mooch will be held on Saturday 24th June 2017. We will meet at St Helen’s Picnic Site Car Park at 10.30. The car park is currently free and the site is maintained by the forestry commission (Thetford Forest). Address St Helen’s Picnic Site, Santon Downham, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 0TJ. Please […]

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BMTC northern mooch Start time change

The start time for the Formby beach mooch on 25th June will now be 12:30. I hope this will still be ok for most of you. Please pass on to anyone who you know are joining us. Thanks, Lesley

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MT South Mooch – Saturday 24 June 2017 at Cobham Wood

There is another MT South Mooch planned on Saturday 24 June 2017 at 10.00 at Cobham Wood DA12 3BS. Park and meet at South Lodge Barn which has basic toilet facilities For details got to: Sarah Turner has kindly offered to lead the MT Mooch. Just over 3 miles and not too taxing, with a […]

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Manchester Terrier Mooch with a twist at Paws In the Park – Saturday 13th May

Well a fun packed weekend at Paws In The Park at Ardingly, with our Manchester Mooch at the start of the day in the fields by the entrance to the event. Great to see owners & Mannie’s raring to go and chasing each other from the off. Jonathan Albutt ‘Dylan’ found his new love in […]

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